August 21, 2009

Project Runway Comments

Last night's LONG LONG LONG-awaited Project Runway season premiere left me with several comments.

All-Star Challenge:

Santino is still a jackass. Korto is still a whiner. Uli got pwned.

Episode one:

If Arie (or whatever that lunatic's name was) had not been eliminated, I probably would have stopped watching the show because I would have been 100% certain that it was completely fixed. The second she said she likes to feel out the fabric and make it into whatever it wants to be, I knew she had to GO.

Model show:

Whose idea was it to show us how the models on PR are DUMB AS ROCKS? Those girls should be mortified.

General thoughts:

How many weeks are we going to have to see fake celebrities (aka actresses in Lifetime series shows) doing bad Tim Gunn impressions? I mean, I know PR is bigger than anything Lifetime has ever had, so they'd be dumb to NOT try to promote their other shows while it's on, but I wish they had chosen a less obnoxious way to do it.

2 Robot Reactions:

Shackles2Garlands said...

My mom used to watch Lifetime movies all the time. It was terrible, because the movies would literally put ideas in her head. Lifetime would make a movie about a woman who scores herself a stalker through an online dating site, and suddenly my mom would tweak if I mentioned I was speaking to a guy online (and I was 28 at the time!). Another movie would have an older actress pretending to play a much younger woman with a "terminal" disease (usually they would miraculously survive it somehow, and with makeup on), dating a much younger man, with a romance plot fit for a Harlequin novel. She would announce how brave the woman was and how fortunate she found love, which although makes a nice ending, would completely ignore any basis for reality. It was ridiculous, and happily she's stopped watching them, but I will still hear about an upcoming Lifetime movie and laugh at whatever silly plot they came up with.

Sparklebot said...

Shackles: In college, I was also addicted to Lifetime Original movies! They are SO BAD, they're good!