April 28, 2010


I love these little posts where I just tell you what happened to me in my life and that's all.

I started that "job" yesterday, like I told you I would.  It didn't work out because it was fake.  Because all the law firms that will "hire" you are not real law firms--if they were, they wouldn't be hiring right now because they'd be suffering from the recession like everybody else.

Honestly, I was a little depressed about it when I came home today after walking out on this fake opportunity.  But, then I got a text message about another "position."

So, I'll start that one tomorrow.

And, yes, of course I know I should keep low expectations for any job that comes as a result of a text message.

And, while this is not a full-time position, I at least know I will be working at a firm that PAYS its employees for the work they do.  So, that's new.

April 27, 2010


I'm starting a new "job" today, so I won't be here to write an awesome blog entry.  Sorry.

Yeah, it's a "job" in quotations, just like my last "job."  But, it's all the market has for me right now.  Let's hope for the best.

And, for the record, yesterday's blog entry wasn't a desperate call for comments.  It was a desperate call for followers.  So, if you aren't a follower, maybe you should take this opportunity to become one.

April 26, 2010


This weekend, without having the kids as motivation, Troubletron and I left the house.

This may not sound like the biggest deal, and may certainly not seem blog-worthy to you, but for us, it was pretty unusual.  We really don't get out much.  Our tight money situation is partially to blame, as you could have guessed from my nearly constant blog-whining.  You probably don't know, however, that Troubletron is the sort of person that would rather stay at home than . . . well . . . anything.  If his choices are: 1) go eat for free at his favorite restaurant, or 2) stay home and pay to have crappy Chinese food delivered, he picks choice #2.  He picks anything with the words "stay home" included.

He's weird, and we're working on it.

But, what I was saying was that this past weekend, we left the house.  We enjoyed a delicious wedding dinner for a former roommate of mine here in DC at Brasserie Beck (thanks, Deb, we couldn't have afforded a dinner there on our own!), and then joined some friends at the Cleveland Park Bar and Grill to celebrate Rohantron's birthday.  At both events, we got to catch up with friends we haven't seen much in recent times, and to talk with acquaintances we hadn't even thought about in ages.

And, at both events, people told me that they read my blog occasionally (or frequently, or sometimes), but that they never comment (because they don't want "to be weird" or they didn't want "to freak me out" or some other reason that makes no sense).

I determined, after the third person of the evening confessed this to me, that I better make a statement that I would LOVE to hear from lurkers, whether I know you or not.  I will NOT think it is weird for you to read/follow/leave comments if we are strangers, mere acquaintances, old friends, or current BFFs.

The only people that I think it's weird to hear from are crazy stalkers who want to kill me.  So, right now (I think) that only applies to 1-2 of you.

So, now, you're wondering what you should do.  Here are some ideas:

1) Become a "Follower."  The app for that is right there on the right of your screen.  It's a simple click.  You can do it.  And, it will make me feel like someone cares.

2)  Leave comments.  The reason anyone writes a blog is because they want attention.  So, if you want me to keep blogging, then keep giving me the attention I crave.

3) Visit often.  I monitor my site meter very closely.  My self esteem is closely tied to the weekly average.

April 23, 2010

Who you gonna call?

Do you believe in ghosts?

And, when I ask this, I want to know what you really believe.  Troubletron and I have been discussing this for a few weeks, ever since I found that one of the chairs on our balcony had been moved, Poltergeist style, past a table and two other chairs, facing a different direction, and pressed against the wall.  Troubletron blames the wind; but I find it hard to think the wind blew one chair so violently and left the remaining three chairs and the table (with vases on it) unmoved.  I would take a picture of it for you, but I'm not going out there.  I don't take chances like that.

I'm not saying it was a ghost, necessarily.  Truthfully, I have no idea what did that to our chair.  Our balcony is not adjacent to any other (someone would have to jump a good 25 feet to get to it from their own), so the possibility of a jokester neighbor seems remote.

At the very mention of a "ghost," Troubletron gets ready for verbal battle.  He vehemently believes there is no such entity.

I don't know what I believe.  I know I have personally experienced some weird phenomena when living at an old house during college.  My five housemates and I, in that basement apartment, all experienced a variety of unexplained events: shadows, slamming doors, stereos turning on spontaneously at full volume in the middle of the night, apparitions, appliances turning on while not plugged in, etc.  We called it a "ghost" for lack of a better explanation.  We were all pretty spooked.

I know a friend whose family has been haunted by a "pigman."  Various generations of children in the family have had the same nightmares about the same pigman, without knowing of their parent's same dreams.  Besides the dreams, there have been unexplainable events in their homes.

Are there ghosts?  And, if so, who are these ghosts?  Dead people?  Demons?  What?

Are there various dimensions of reality that sometimes overlap/interact, causing what seems like "ghosts" to us who cannot perceive those dimensions correctly?

Are there pockets of energy that cause otherwise unexplainable events like light bursts or moved objects?

I want to know what you think.

April 22, 2010

Is it just me?

Does anyone else ever find yourself accidentally (through a series of links on mutual acquaintance blogs) on the blog of a mean girl from high school who now has children and writes funny, insightful things that you would want to read if they didn't come from the fingers of a girl who, at least on a few occasions, actively tried to hurt you emotionally and maybe even physically, and then feel bitter that her blog is more popular than yours?

Just me?

April 21, 2010

Things I'm Tired Of

1) People telling me "things will get better" or "this economy will turn around."

After nearly a year of this unemployment nonsense, that sentiment sounds more and more hollow.  Yes, things HAVE TO, eventually, get better with the economy.  I know that.  Stating the obvious is not helpful.  It's not encouraging.  It doesn't warm my heart, causing it to burn with yearning for the future.

Things are bad now.  It doesn't matter how awesome things become in the future if credit is ruined or if even more crippling debt is incurred NOW.  And, I know there are people who are WAY worse off than I am in this economic nightmare.

So, STOP saying that things will get better.  I would prefer you just not speak.

2) Grocery stores trying to charge me $4.99 for a 12-pack of Diet Coke.

What is this?  Russia?

I'm not going to play your little game.

3) Potholes.

I know they are all a result of our record-breaking snowfall, and the massive efforts to move those 4 feet of snow off the roads in a timely fashion.  But, that was 3 months ago.  Seriously, let's get on this.  I drive a tiny car.  It has no chance.

4)  Glenn Beck.

'nuf said.

5)  Texas
We don't need it.  It just drags us down and makes our whole country look bad.  Let's just cut it loose.

6) Oversharing on Facebook.

I don't want to know about your mucus plug passing or about the details of your messy divorce.  If I did want to know that, we'd be real friends.

7)  People saying "it's in the Constitution" as if that means "it was handed down by God."

The Constitution is a fluid document.  We've amended it like 30 times.

And, I think we've established that those founding fathers, as good as their intentions might have been, didn't quite have ALL the best ideas about how to run this country (ahem, slavery).  So, if our modern society decides it's NOT ok for you to carry a gun in a school zone, I don't want to hear that Thomas Jefferson thought you should be able to.

8) Your mom.

April 20, 2010

One More Word About Disney

Last time I went to Disneyworld (a year and a half ago, Snowbird and I went), I searched and scoured the park's many souvenir shops for Alice in Wonderland items.  You see, as a child, I watched Disney's version of Alice in Wonderland, illegally taped with our home VCR during one of the weekend sneak-peeks of the Disney channel (back when it was brand new and you had to pay for it like HBO), over and over and over again.  By age 9, I could recite the words from the entire movie.

It's always been my favorite.

But, a year and a half ago, Disneyworld had ZERO Alice in Wonderland souvenir items for me to purchase.  It was very disappointing.

As you can imagine, with the recent Alice feature film still in theaters, this time was different.  They had Tees:
And they had Teas:
And, so many beautiful accessories and miscellaneous fun stuff:
I was pleased to see only one display of crappy new-version-pimping items:
So, thanks, Disney, for your very cool selection of Alice merchandise. Now, let's work on bringing T-shirt prices down from $40/each.

April 19, 2010

Disney is Awesome: Part Two

Our third day in Orlando, at the Disney Parks, was spent at Disney's Hollywood Studios--a park dedicated to the joy of movie-making.

We found ourselves on the streets of New York
And Troubletron made a quick visit to San Francisco.
I don't know what that pose is all about.

We spent some time with our favorite Jim Henson characters:
(Did you know Troubletron and I both love Muppets?  It's true)

We enjoyed an action-packed Indiana Jones stunt show, a very fascinating Walt Disney museum and film (maybe my favorite part of the day), and a Movies-through-time ride.  All of the rides and shows were designed for movie lovers--sounds great, right?  But, what you don't know is that I didn't bring Troubletron to this park for any of these rides or shows.

As you may know, Troubletron was married before.  On his first honeymoon, Star Wars Episode One was released in theaters.  So, I've been contemplating how I was ever going to find an event or activity to outshine that event.

And, THAT is why I brought Troubletron to Disney's Hollywood Studios.
So he could stand at the footsteps of an Imperial Walker.  So he could watch the "Jedi Academy" defeat Darth Vader in real life.  So we could ride the Star Wars Flight Simulator.  And, so he could put himself into the films:
Do you see the sheer joy on his face?

Mission accomplished.

After half a day at Hollywood Studios (more than enough time to see what they have to see), we went back to downtown disney to do a little souvenir shopping.
We finished the night with quite the haul.
On our fourth and final day, we intended to go to Epcot.  We got dressed, went down to the shuttle stop, and began looking over the Epcot map.  As we waited, talking about how everything at Epcot sucks, we realized that we didn't HAVE to go there, just because it was the fourth Disney park and it was our fourth day.  So, we went back to the Magic Kingdom instead.
Only, this time, we were wearing some sweet souvenir shirts.  We got Troubletron's on clearance for only $7!
And, it got SO much attention.  People love Star Wars.  It never ceases to amaze me.

I was sporting DJ Mickey.
Having just been at the Magic Kingdom two days earlier, we knew where we wanted to go, what we wanted to eat, and how we wanted to attack the park.

We rode our favorite rides all over again (4th time on the Haunted Mansion).
I think we did Pirates of the Caribbean four times as well.

And, we ran into some characters that had A LOT of stepmothering advice for me.
Seriously, I just wanted to get my picture taken with the evil stepmother and stepsisters from Cinderella when we happened to walk by them . . . as a hilarious joke.  But, they REALLY had advice for me.
Like to "become highly revered in my community."   And, that I'd look more menacing if I didn't wear leggings.

Good advice.

I promised you, last Friday, some information on how Disney has "upped its game."  That comment was in reference to gift shopping.

You know how most of the time, when you go to gift shops at Disney parks, you see walls of stuffed animals, rows of princess dresses, some figurines, a rack of keychains, and some Mickey ears?  And, you feel like you're in a kid's store?

Well, somebody hipped them to the fact that they'd make more sales if they trendied it up a little.
I feel less silly shopping in stores for Mickey Stuff when I feel cool.

Also, I want this suitcase.
I was so impressed with the decor!
I loved this line of red-suited women wearing Mickey Ears.  LOVED.

And, I loved this cascade of multi-colored chandeliers.
It was an all-new, exciting Disney shopping experience.

This was just decor, but I'd like to own this:
You see what I mean?
We had a great time shopping, riding, showing, swimming, walking, eating, and loving.

Thanks again, Snowbird!

April 16, 2010

Disney is Awesome: Part One

I'm not going to overload you with commentary.  The pictures speak for themselves, mostly.

We left for Orlando last Saturday afternoon, ready for a break from our currently more worry-than-not life.
Sunday morning, waiting for the shuttle to Animal Kingdom:
I know what you're thinking: Hey Sparklebot . . . your pastey skin is going to get SOO BURNED.  No need to worry.  I slathered on 100 SPF (and forced it on Troubletron too).

We started at Animal Kingdom in the most logical place: Dinoland.
My arm fatness is unparalleled.  Arm diet will now commence.

Ancient ruins (in a land where they don't worship DJ Jesus!):
Tree of Life:
The foliage here at Disney's Animal Kingdom was AMAZING (as you can see).  And, there were tons of cute animals to look at in "natural" environments.  It was so nice to see elephants playing with tree stumps (instead of the tires they play with at the National Zoo).

Troubletron posing in front.  Expedition Everest in the background (best roller coaster in the Disney parks.  It goes forwards, then backwards onto a different track, then forwards on a different track!)
Seriously, The Matterhorn at Disneyland would be SO JEALOUS of Everest.

Since my feet were bleeding, we had to leave Animal Kingdom a little early.  We swam at our hotel pool (aka "the Oasis") (how jealous are you that I got to swim somewhere called "the Oasis"?).  We then headed to "Downtown Disney" for dinner and Ghiradelli Sundaes!
Everything at Disney costs a fortune.  But, you have to remember that you're not paying for the item/food/gift.  You're paying for the magic.

Or rather, Snowbird was paying for the magic.

I will never in my life be able to thank Snowbird enough for this trip.

 Day 2: the Magic Kingdom

Right as we entered the park at 9 a.m. sharp, we posed for our obligatory Cinderella castle picture.
Then, we got down to the business of the day:
Letting everyone at the Magic Kingdom share in our love and celebration!

That is, until Troubletron realized what he had gotten into:
Haha.  Ball-and-chain joke.  Too obvious?  Probably.

We chose to hit the Magic Kingdom, the most popular of the parks, on Monday because we thought Monday would be less crowded that a weekend day.
We found out that Disneyworld is crowded everyday.  Even Mondays.

It was exhausting and wonderful.
That was the first two days of our belated honeymoon.  But, you know there are two more days.  Plus, the next post will feature:

1) Why this honeymoon was more awesome than Troubletron's honeymoon with his ex.
(as if being with me wasn't enough reason)
2) How Disney has upped its game.
3) Sparklebot receiving some step-mothering advice from an old pro.