April 28, 2010


I love these little posts where I just tell you what happened to me in my life and that's all.

I started that "job" yesterday, like I told you I would.  It didn't work out because it was fake.  Because all the law firms that will "hire" you are not real law firms--if they were, they wouldn't be hiring right now because they'd be suffering from the recession like everybody else.

Honestly, I was a little depressed about it when I came home today after walking out on this fake opportunity.  But, then I got a text message about another "position."

So, I'll start that one tomorrow.

And, yes, of course I know I should keep low expectations for any job that comes as a result of a text message.

And, while this is not a full-time position, I at least know I will be working at a firm that PAYS its employees for the work they do.  So, that's new.

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Melissa said...

Whaaaaat? What was this job hoax??? How crappy!

Shackles2Garlands said...

If I said it's a good thing the one was a hoax, because otherwise you may have not gotten the opportunity to work the paying job (if it turns out to be real), I just sound like I'm being overtly optimistic.

However, I'm not being overtly optimistic, just really hoping for the best for you. That just sucks about the other job though. I had a lot of fake "opportunities" when I was job hunting too. I did some of my hunting on Craigslist, which is notorious for fake jobs. I finally made it part of my job hunting process to call out and/or flag tons of fake job postings.

Lots of luck on this lead, hopefully it really will be the job break you deserve!

Beth said...

I'm not sure what I find more strange, the fact that your job was fake or the fact that you got a text message about another job.

JakieWakie said...

So, how's that new "position" going?