November 17, 2010

Troubletron's Reaction to Your Peppermint Responses

"Wow.  Maybe there's something wrong with my tongue."

Thank you all for helping to win this tiny, insignificant marital squabble.  It was definitely a waste of everyone's time and attention.  Just know that I appreciate that!

November 15, 2010


Since it's the Christmas season (don't argue with me about this--just accept it), I have, of course, switched from my usual lotion scent to a more festive peppermint body lotion.  This morning, as I rubbed the striking holiday scent into my dry elbows and cracked heels, I said to Troubletron, "mmm!  Don't you just love the smell of peppermint!"

And, then, simultaneously, we said:

"Yes, it's such a ________ smell!"

One of us said "warm."  One of us said "cool."

Putting aside that it's kind of impossible for a smell to have an inherent temperature, is Peppermint warm or cool?  We need you to resolve this.

November 11, 2010

What should I do with my Veteran's day?

Start wrapping the Christmas presents we've been progressively buying all year?

Clean bird cages?
Put away Halloween decorations?

Watch streamed netflix (or "neckflix" as Littletron says) movies all day?

Go through family photos to find pictures of Papatron to send for the slide show for Papatron's 90th birthday celebration?

Make a pot roast?

Only eat chips and Halloween candy all day?


November 9, 2010


Don't pretend like you don't care about Halloween anymore.

Joan and Roger

I think we nailed it.

November 8, 2010

Teacher FAIL

We found out this weekend that Littletron made the A/B Honor Roll.  We are so proud.

His teacher feels, however, that he can improve on one thing.

I can think of at one thing SHE needs work on.


November 3, 2010

Two Days in a Row

I can feel the love.

I'm not really what you might call (or, more accurately, what I might call) a "tender" person.  But, I must say that knowing that total strangers cared that I was gone . . . well . . . it begins to melt the outer layer of my ice queen heart.  I won't mention that no one who actually knows me in person cares about my blog (except Troubletron . . . he cares because he made certain promises to me in front of a lady-priest in a cheesy neon chapel with a Celine Dion musical backdrop). Or, I guess I just did mention it.  But, I won't let it get me down.

It's been about four months since I last consistently blogged.  A lot has happened in that time.  Such as:

We moved in with a crazy person.  We call this our "homeless" period.  We were nearing the end of our last lease, and I didn't have a job, so we didn't feel like we could commit to a new lease.  We turned to Craigslist and to our friends.  One thing led to another.  We found ourselves occupying one bedroom in a giant house owned by a CRAZY person who was always sweating, had grunting sounds coming from his room at all hours (though was ALWAYS alone), always wore the same clothes, had rooms speckled with baby stuff (including a stroller, crib, high chair, etc) but no children around, and a bowl of Christmas ornaments in his 80's themed dining room.

I got a temporary job with some promise.  The temporary gig was only supposed to last three months, but I just finished my fourth month, and there is no definite end in sight.  I don't want to jinx it.  But, it's been a steady paycheck and some good experience for the last few months.

We moved into another apartment.  We couldn't stand homelessness/crazy town.  And, since I had a temporary job with promise, we decided to take our chances on another lease.  Unfortunately, two moves in the course of a month may have alienated all our friends.

Troubletron got a promotion.  He's so awesome.

Teenbot became a cheerleader.  Which, let's be honest, is PURE trouble.  No good can come from a fourteen year old with a family history of teen pregnancy walking around school in a cheer uniform with a bunch of eighteen year old boys.  Sigh.

My student loans went into repayment.  Since I got a "job," I guess my loan lenders think I should have to pay them a portion of my wages.  So . . . I might have been better off unemployed.  Hence . . .

Troubletron and I got second, night-time/weekend jobs at a local retail establishment.  The manager thinks it's awesome that he gets to "manage" a lawyer.  So, that's awesome.

Littletron picked up a nasty habit.

(Calm down.  It's a falsie)

Do you feel updated?

November 2, 2010

Lisa, you inspired me

I got out of work a smidge early today so that I could vote.  Now I find myself home alone wondering what productive enterprise should fill my time . . . coupon clipping?  dishes?  stinky garbage taking out?

While deciding, I got a blog comment from Lisa, begging me not to let my blog die.  I don't know Lisa, and I don't know why she cares whether or not my blog suffers a slow, painful peril.

But, thank you for caring, Lisa.

I'm going to try not to let it die, but I can't say it will thrive.  But, I do miss sharing the moments of my life with you.

Hope you all are well.