November 17, 2010

Troubletron's Reaction to Your Peppermint Responses

"Wow.  Maybe there's something wrong with my tongue."

Thank you all for helping to win this tiny, insignificant marital squabble.  It was definitely a waste of everyone's time and attention.  Just know that I appreciate that!

3 Robot Reactions:

Jana said...

For the record I tried to say it was cool many times, but blogger was giving me errors. Anyway- it's cool.

Side of Jeffrey said...

I didn't get to weigh in on this in time! DANGIT!!!!!! Honestly, how can you really say an arguement is decided on a sample of 10?

Jillian said...

Totally not a cop out-- context is key.

But really, the thing that ticks me off this time of year is when restaurants and the like try to pass off nasty cinnamon flavored candy as peppermint. GAG me