January 3, 2011


I have always kind of thought that New Year's resolutions were stupid.

Trying to better yourself is fine, and I guess it's important for some people to have some kind of reference for when they need a new beginning.  But, the post-holiday beginning to each new year seems an arbitrary and sort of sad time to be having such resolve.  Plus, no one ever carries their resolutions past the end of January...so why do we even engage in this charade?

This weekend, our family drove to my old hometown in North Carolina to celebrate my Papa's 90th birthday (he was a New Year's baby in 1921).  Coming home from the party, Troubletron and I talked to the kids very briefly about their New Year's resolutions.  I was particularly struck my Littletron's:

"Get some AAA batteries."

Keep aiming high, Littletron.  You are going to go so far.

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VisualAnarchy said...

I'm with Littletron, if you're going to create a resolution it should be attainable.

Sherpa said...


Side of Jeffrey said...

Um, you are wrong. Resolutions are awesome and I almost always keep mine. Don't fail this year on your resolution to become a princess.

snowbird said...

Littletron is like me -- short term goals are the only ones I can accomplish.