November 8, 2010

Teacher FAIL

We found out this weekend that Littletron made the A/B Honor Roll.  We are so proud.

His teacher feels, however, that he can improve on one thing.

I can think of at one thing SHE needs work on.


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Shackles2Garlands said...

I know people hate me for this, and that's fine, but much like nurses, I've encountered few teachers that's left me with a high regard for them. It seems like 90% of the teachers and nurses I've been forced to deal with were well-challenged in the intelligence department.

Before anyone sends me hate mail, my fiance's mother is a nurse, and a GREAT nurse (she specializes in special-needs children; often children who can't move, talk, or feed themselves). I have also had some fantastic teachers, and if they were still working at my old High School, I would consider sending my future children there. However, great nurses and teachers are RARE, and I became even more alarmed when I found out some nursing school do not require a High School diploma. I completely understand if you don't believe. I thought it was a bad joke as well, until I did some research :- P

Side of Jeffrey said...

you forgot to add a smiley face to your recommendation. It makes everything seem less attacking! :)

Jillian said...

If she meant that he needs to work on reading more effortlessly, there is nothing wrong with her recommendation. (Does he stumble over his words when he reads aloud or something?) It does seem an odd way to describe a child who is also on the A/B honor roll.