April 20, 2010

One More Word About Disney

Last time I went to Disneyworld (a year and a half ago, Snowbird and I went), I searched and scoured the park's many souvenir shops for Alice in Wonderland items.  You see, as a child, I watched Disney's version of Alice in Wonderland, illegally taped with our home VCR during one of the weekend sneak-peeks of the Disney channel (back when it was brand new and you had to pay for it like HBO), over and over and over again.  By age 9, I could recite the words from the entire movie.

It's always been my favorite.

But, a year and a half ago, Disneyworld had ZERO Alice in Wonderland souvenir items for me to purchase.  It was very disappointing.

As you can imagine, with the recent Alice feature film still in theaters, this time was different.  They had Tees:
And they had Teas:
And, so many beautiful accessories and miscellaneous fun stuff:
I was pleased to see only one display of crappy new-version-pimping items:
So, thanks, Disney, for your very cool selection of Alice merchandise. Now, let's work on bringing T-shirt prices down from $40/each.

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Ginna said...

It's great you guys had so much fun. We've loved Disney World every time we've been. But I have to disagree with you about Epcot, it is really cool. Especially the restraunts in the different countries (yes I know I can't spell restraunt, oh well)
Anyway, FUN!

Shackles2Garlands said...

Eh, Epcot is fun if you want to go there and do a pub crawl, so to speak. An expensive crawl at that. Even if you enjoy drinking, the price will stop you after your second, possibly first, drink. I prefer the main park too, if I am going to Disney.

If I had an endless bank account, I could probably stay at the big resort (the one with a beach, I think), and just be happy there, lol.

But yes, I agree with Ginna, just glad you had a good time :- )