April 16, 2010

Disney is Awesome: Part One

I'm not going to overload you with commentary.  The pictures speak for themselves, mostly.

We left for Orlando last Saturday afternoon, ready for a break from our currently more worry-than-not life.
Sunday morning, waiting for the shuttle to Animal Kingdom:
I know what you're thinking: Hey Sparklebot . . . your pastey skin is going to get SOO BURNED.  No need to worry.  I slathered on 100 SPF (and forced it on Troubletron too).

We started at Animal Kingdom in the most logical place: Dinoland.
My arm fatness is unparalleled.  Arm diet will now commence.

Ancient ruins (in a land where they don't worship DJ Jesus!):
Tree of Life:
The foliage here at Disney's Animal Kingdom was AMAZING (as you can see).  And, there were tons of cute animals to look at in "natural" environments.  It was so nice to see elephants playing with tree stumps (instead of the tires they play with at the National Zoo).

Troubletron posing in front.  Expedition Everest in the background (best roller coaster in the Disney parks.  It goes forwards, then backwards onto a different track, then forwards on a different track!)
Seriously, The Matterhorn at Disneyland would be SO JEALOUS of Everest.

Since my feet were bleeding, we had to leave Animal Kingdom a little early.  We swam at our hotel pool (aka "the Oasis") (how jealous are you that I got to swim somewhere called "the Oasis"?).  We then headed to "Downtown Disney" for dinner and Ghiradelli Sundaes!
Everything at Disney costs a fortune.  But, you have to remember that you're not paying for the item/food/gift.  You're paying for the magic.

Or rather, Snowbird was paying for the magic.

I will never in my life be able to thank Snowbird enough for this trip.

 Day 2: the Magic Kingdom

Right as we entered the park at 9 a.m. sharp, we posed for our obligatory Cinderella castle picture.
Then, we got down to the business of the day:
Letting everyone at the Magic Kingdom share in our love and celebration!

That is, until Troubletron realized what he had gotten into:
Haha.  Ball-and-chain joke.  Too obvious?  Probably.

We chose to hit the Magic Kingdom, the most popular of the parks, on Monday because we thought Monday would be less crowded that a weekend day.
We found out that Disneyworld is crowded everyday.  Even Mondays.

It was exhausting and wonderful.
That was the first two days of our belated honeymoon.  But, you know there are two more days.  Plus, the next post will feature:

1) Why this honeymoon was more awesome than Troubletron's honeymoon with his ex.
(as if being with me wasn't enough reason)
2) How Disney has upped its game.
3) Sparklebot receiving some step-mothering advice from an old pro.

5 Robot Reactions:

Shackles2Garlands said...

How incredibly awesome! I am so happy you guys had a great time! I'll actually let my friend know you had a good time too (she's a concierge at one of the resorts).

And I hope this doesn't sound weird, but thank you Snowbird for sending them on this great trip, so that they can share the awesome pictures with us blogger fans! :- )

Happy for all the happiness (lame, I know, but hey).

Sherpa said...

Oh, I can't wait until the next installment......

I'm jealous of that Everest Ride!

snowbird said...

Step-mothering advice while you were at DisneyWorld???? I will be interested to hear how that came about. Looks like you have a great time!!!!

Side of Jeffrey said...

Dude. How do you localize your diet on arm fat alone? If you find a way, the world will worship you.

Shackles2Garlands said...

Disney is pretty famous for step-mothers: Cinderella's step-mother, Snow White's step-mother, um. That's all I can really think of actually. Most of the princesses did not have mothers around, except for Sleeping Beauty. No step-fathers, oddly enough.