August 19, 2009

Troubletron's First What-A-Burger

Troubletron and I went to Kannapolis, NC last weekend to visit my grandfather, Papatron. It was Troubletron's first visit to my homeland, so it was, of course, essential that I introduce him to the What-A-Burger.
Unfortunately, our favorite What-A-Burger was closed (since we were there on Sunday), so we had to settle for What-A-Burger store #1.

Troubletron checked out the situation.
I convinced him that we should go inside.
Troubletron was skeptical, to say the least. He didn't really even know what to expect.
And, apparently, he didn't expect this.
MMmmm. Chili cheese fries! Delish.
I had no reservations. It's been years since my last footlong hotdog.
And, of course we got the obligatory Cherry-Lemon-Sundrop.
What did we talk about over lunch?
Mostly we talked about the correct pronunciation of the third town listed on the What-A-Burger Burger-wrapper. "Mooresville"
Mooresville is pronounced "Mores-vul," not "Mores-vill" like Yankees would say. Troubletron disagreed, but he doesn't know.

I finished my dog.
And we bounced.
Troubletron has now been initiated, and is officially a fan.

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jess said...

way too much fun!