September 29, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Autumn

The summer is fading out, and here in the BotTron household, fall has fallen. I thought I'd show you all a little about how we've been celebrating the change of the season.

We are displaying a lot of family artwork, including our pumpkins, some drawings, and a "declaration of happy halloween."
We've replaced our fresh flowers with black roses, and we've got halloween candies on hand.
We've got piles of autumn fruits (mmm, Honeycrisp Apples) displayed in the bowl Idiocorb gave us for our wedding (one of our eight wedding presents!).
More of our family artwork:
And, we have some halloween-colored tulle with hand-made felt decorations adorning the door to the kitchen.

And, we've got more planned! In celebration of the Crafty Bastards craft fair in DC this weekend, we've got a weekend of halloween crafts planned!

Welcome to the beginning of our favorite season!

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