December 10, 2009

Days of Christmas: Day 10 BONUS

We had a little bit of an early CHRISTMAS MIRACLE in our house! After months of patiently scaring the crap out of Marzipan, our cute parakeet, we finally coaxed her about two months ago to get on our finger when we put our hands in her cage.

As of Tuesday night, we have begun luring her out of her cage with a treat. And, though she does spend her first 10 minutes or so out of captivity flying around the room like a maniac (she's a terrible fly-er since she never gets to practice), running into walls and TVs and shelves, she eventually crashes and then lets us hold her!
By "us," I mean "me" only. Troubletron spends most of the time she's out of her cage hiding under the blanket. He isn't used to having pets flying about the room. I guess he also has a slight fear of eye-pecking.

Anyway, breakthrough!

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Jillian said...

I'd be with Troubletron. My brother has an African Grey Parrot...and I am certain that he is just biding his time until he can peck my eyes out and then start snapping my fingers off.

I know he wants to....feathery bastard.

Trouble Tron said...

My dearest it not possible that the reason I was "hiding" under the blanket is that its very cold and the blanket provides me with much needed warmth?

Sparklebot said...

Jillian: Birds are not evil! They are sweet!

Troubletron: No, that is not possible. I wasn't cold, so how could you be? You're a man.

Jillian said...

On this subject...we will have to agree to disagree.

Kosmo is gunnin' for me. I know it. And his beak is HUGE. I truly believe that he tried to bite my finger completely off the one time I was forced to 'hold him.' He wrapped his freaky huge talons around my finger and then tried to bite my damn finger off at the knuckle. Everytime I come over, he licks his beak and glares at me with hunger in his eyes.

But I am pretty sure I tought him how to formulate several sentences involving the word 'shit' that day.

Shons said...

I'm quite proud of Marizpan. She looks so docile in this pic.

Poor Little Critter on the Road said...

I guess my question about all this is: whassup with the yellow parakeet? All parakeets in my past (and I believe also in yours) were blue, and that's the way it should be. Alas, I'll never get to have a parakeet or any other bird, because (1) of the bird-eating cats; and (2) of the bird-hating wife. RIP Blueboy.