December 19, 2009

Days of Christmas: Day 19


Drunk four year-old steals neighbor's Christmas presents

You have to read it (and watch the video footage of this white trash mom) to actually believe it.

Merry Christmas to all the four year-olds who break out of their house, crack open a beer, wander around after midnight, ring neighbors' doorbells, break into neighbors' houses, open neighbors' presents, and then cross-dress while drunkenly strolling down the street out there who make us realize that our lives aren't really as messed up as we think they are.

Also, if you didn't click on the link yesterday, take this opportunity to check out Why would you NOT click that link?

2 Robot Reactions:

Shelly! said...

There really isn't anyway for Santa to not look creepy - but that one Santa with the cigarettes and crap in his beard was awesome!

Sparklebot said...

No, you are right. Santa is a creepy character.