December 21, 2009

Days of Christmas: Day 21

Today's celebrative post for Christmas is about winter weather and friend parties (two of my favorite Christmas things!)

Thanks to the two feet of snow we received last weekend, I think we have a good shot at having a residual-snow white Christmas (only 4 days away!). Though, we have snow in the forecast for the day-of too!
From our balcony, mid-day on Saturday (while snow was still falling), it looked a mess. Troubletron and I didn't venture outside, but we watched as some of our less intelligent neighbors tried to get their tiny cars out of several feet of snow by flooring their gas pedals as their tires spun.

We even got several inches on our fully covered balcony that faced away from the wind.
On Sunday, we ventured out into the still-horrific street conditions to attend Idiocorb's holiday turtleneck party.
The rule for the party was that every guest MUST wear a turtleneck for the duration of the evening. Festive sweaters were encouraged to be worn OVER the turtlenecks.

Some of us didn't have turtlenecks or festive sweaters. We had to search to comply.

Our host, Idiocorb was busy making preparations when we arrived.
He gets a little flustered in the kitchen, but he makes great German foods.
After what was probably the best potluck dinner I've ever attended (food-wise), we retired to the living room for games.
Black turtlenecks were very popular. But, very boring.

Idiocorb's was brown.
After hours of gaming fun, everyone was asked to pose for a picture in her turtleneck along Idiocorb's red wall.

Troubletron and I gladly posed while hundreds of bad photos were taken.

Those were the best of the bunch. Seriously.

I'm not making any comments about the photographer. I'm sure he is usually very excellent.
Then, we stood aside to let others have their turn (see the gingerbread men we brought right beside Troubletron?).
Only, no one else wanted to go through the posing ordeal they had just witnessed.
After some pressuring from Idiocorb, posing began.
Sunnibot and Kemtron were good sports. They somehow got a pretty decent pic on the first try (camerawoman?).
The dude in this photo, Kemtron, is wet, as you may have noticed. One of our games included water being thrown in faces. Everyone wanted to throw water in Kemtron's face. He got me right in the eye, so I might be carrying a grudge.

Then, Idiocorb required a full-group shot. There were some timer issues, but this is the most complete group shot I have:
After (seemingly) hours of photos, it was time to venture home. We passed Idiocorb's snow-santa face.
He graciously shoveled his stairs.
We passed many buried lawn displays on our way to the car. The owners here had even done some digging to get the tops of their lawn art to show.
Gingerbread people, friendship parties, turtlenecks, snow . . . it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

5 Robot Reactions:

Jana said...

I love the turtleneck party...I may just copy. You guys definitely looked the most festive.

Ginna said...

Wow, crazy snow! And I felt like we got a lot.
Looks like a fun party, despite the posing :)

Jodie said...

Seriously...where did you get those sweaters? Smokin'!

Sparklebot said...

We scored these sweaters on Amazon after spending days looking at the lamest stores we could think of (Walmart, Dress Barn, etc). Where do grandmas get their sweaters!?

Charlotte said...

Nice sweaters! Also, you live in a very tall building - what floor are you on?