December 4, 2009

Days of Christmas: Day 4: A Very Star Wars Christmas

Remember last week when I asked how you could get a very humbugged 9 year old excited for the Christmas season? And then I showed you this picture?
Maybe you don't remember since none of you commented, except my mom.


Last Friday, after the shopping was over and before Troubletron got home from work, the kids were feeling very . . . annoying. Ok, maybe they were BEING very annoying. The subtleties of their behaviors are not important. What is important is that I got a genius idea, inspired by the Santa-hatted R2D2 and my secret Christmas mission to make Troubletron LIKE Christmas.

I pulled out the Star Wars coloring book, dropped some red and green crayons on the table, and told Littletron and Teenbot to express their Star Wars Christmas creativity! Then I told them to hang 1-2 of their creations up in the house to surprise Troubletron when he got home. I then left to pick up Troubletron from work.

We got more than 1-2. Check it:
It starts out with our favorite heroes dressed in festive Christmas colors. Looks like Han Solo is ready to go walkin' in a winter wonderland.
Big Boss Nast looks exactly like Santa the Hut!
Mace Windu got run over by a reindeer.

I believe this picture of Mace Windu had already been colored, but that didn't stop Littletron from Christmasing it up with a Santa hat!
"Luke, I am your Santa!"
Ki-Adi-Mundi gets ready for a special Christmas session of the Jedi Council!
Not to be outdone by the guy with the ridiculously tall skull, this guy with the neck brought the "good list" to the Jedi Council meeting (Names on the good list have been smudged out but I was on it! Not all family members made the cut).
Meesa thinks that face-turned-Christmas tree in the background is awesome!
It's hard to see this one because those crazy kids hung it from a light fixture where it will probably catch fire.
The caption on this one from the coloring book is "Some Droids are dangerous."

Some droids are dangerous(ly festive!)
Littletron tells me this ship is really Santa's sleigh. The green things coming off the top are where the reindeer are attached . . . but they aren't pictured. Obviously.

Here, Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Anakin "don their gay apparel."

Fa la la, la la la, la, la laaaaaaaAnd, finally, Yoda the Christmas master waits his turn to open a gift while starry snowflakes glisten.
From our family to you, have a very Star Wars Christmas season!

7 Robot Reactions:

Chillygator said...

I wasn't even feeling Christmas-y until Just This Moment! Thank you!

Beth said...

I am sorry I didn't comment last time. Chase did look at the picture of R2D2 with the santa hat and say "Ohhh Kai would like that!"

I love the Star Wars Christmas. My favorite is "Luke I am your santa!" Awesome idea. Next time my kids are being annoying I may have to pull something like this out. I shouldn't have to wait too long.

JakieWakie said...

How does a nine-year-old not like Christmas? Does he not like free toys?

Side of Jeffrey said...

This makes me happy because it just proves that Christmas can brighten even the coldest and futuristic of worlds.

Jillian said...

Just don't make him go Christmas caroling. That would most certainly ruin any future hope of non-humbug behaviors and, more than likely, ruin all of the good step-mom karma you have built up.

snowbird said...

I would never have thought you could connect Star Wars with Christmas decorating.......I stand corrected! My favorite: Big Boss Nast - Santa the Hut! He looks like the Grinch, though!

Sparklebot said...

Chillygator: glad I could bring the feelings of the season to you.

Beth: you can always count on children to annoy you sooner or later!

JakieWakie: He was just being grouchy, as usual. But, read carefully, it's Troubletron that doesn't like Christmas, in general!

Side of Jeffrey: This is where a Star Wars nerd would comment that Star Wars takes place in the past, not the future.

Jillian: No, we won't be doing any caroling. Too hard to know which families would want us to carol to them.

Snowbird: Oh, you can connect Star Wars to anything. Apparently.