December 9, 2009

Days of Christmas: Day 9

Every year, a day or so after Halloween, I hit local stores in search of the best Christmas cards I can find. I tell myself (and anyone fool enough to question my methods) that I do this because I need to have the full selection of available cards. If you wait until closer to Thanksgiving, the cards will be picked over.

So, I buy early.

And, buying early also has the benefit of giving me the leisure to procrastinate writing the cards for 4-5 weeks, and still get them sent out in plenty of time for Christmas. Bonus for last-minuters like me.

Each year, I send out between 40-50 Christmas cards. And, each year, I sit back and wait for reciprocating cards to roll in.

Only, they never do.

I usually get somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 or 5 Christmas cards--usually just from family members that got mine and felt bad.

I have often hypothesized that friends and extended family, perhaps, did not see me as an adult, and so did not include me on their Christmas card list. You know, I was a student for a million years, and I was a single Mormon girl for a long time (which status always makes Mormon people treat you like a teenager until you can attain the magical, mature status of "married." Nevermind how much harder it is to do things BY YOURSELF than with a partner.). Perhaps my single and student status kept me in a perpetual child state in the minds of my friends and family. Perhaps.

Really, when we analyze this theory, it's ridiculous. You would think my major back surgery and towering stature would counteract that other nonsense.

Something tells me this year will be different ("something" meaning the rings on the fourth finger of my left hand and that guy that supports me while I'm unemployed--yeah, I'm way more of an adult now--and the fact that I'm 30--and that I have a "J.D." and an "Esq." after my name now).

I sent my cards out last week.

So far, I have received zero Christmas cards. But, it's only December 9. People definitely have 15 more days. I'm not worried. Nope. Just because if I don't get any Christmas cards again it can only mean that the reason is actually PERSONAL, and not the whole single gal thing, doesn't put any more pressure on my card count. Nope.

For those of you that DO get Christmas cards (because people like you), here is a great idea for recycling your old cards (from the people at Better Homes and Gardens):
Keep Christmas cards you receive this Christmas and stash them away with your decorations for next year. Next year, use your favorite cookie cutter (or 5) and trace Christmasy shapes on the cards over the most colorful parts of the card fronts. Cut out the shapes and display them on garland (as shown), loop ribbons through them and make new tree ornaments, or string them along a stretch of thin ribbon, yarn, or string and hang them in lines across a window.

It's a craft I'd sure like to try.

If you'd like to send the Bot/Tron family a Christmas card, send an email to, requesting a mailing address. We cannot put our address on the internet for hater avoidance reasons. Cards received by the family will be featured in a later post (and if you are a blogger, your blog would be linked, obviously).

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Ginna said...

Same with me really, I send out a ton and get very few in return. In fact I just got the first one yesterday, which is good because I was getting way bummed that every time I went to the mailbox it was bills and ads. YUCK.
So I feel your pain. I think we're all still children in the eyes of family really. At least most of the family.

Beth said...

So I totally got your Christmas card. Madison thought it was from my sister because the writing was pretty. Anyway, I usually only get 2 to 5 cards a year. Once I actually sent out a bunch, the next year I bought them all but never mailed them. Cards are just not something I'm good at. I thought about doing cards this year, and I still might. I'm just saying you not getting a card from me has nothing to do with you being single or disliked in anyway. It has more to do with the fact that I am a disorganized mess.

Charlotte said...

Your cards always rock.

Also, glad to know I'm one of the recipricators (as far as I can remember, I've always sent you a card for as long as I've sent out cards). My cards are going out in the mail today, in fact! They're sort of lame this year, but we were on a tight budget. But a card nevertheless!

Jillian said...
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Jillian said...

When I was a fresh faced recent college grad, gainfully employed and anxious to join the ranks of the big kids, (even though I was mormon and single...therefore eternally a child) I made a super cute puzzle, 'Guess what I did this year?' card, with pictures and everything!

I got squat in response. I was pissed....cause it was creative, and cute, and took for-freaking-ever.

Obviously, I'm over it. Almost.

NG said...

I'll send you a card. I'm personally offended by people's inability to use the mail since the advent of email and am on a one-woman campaign to bring Christmas card sending back. Besides, we have the best Christmas cards...

Shons said...

I really love my card that you and troubletron sent me. It was my first one and it is displayed above our tv. I just have never ever sent out Christmas cards. And then when I get motivated to, its too late. Maybe I should send out Diwali cards instead?

Poor Little Critter on the Road said...

Shons: I would think it's a little weird to get a Christmas card from you (not that I'm on your list); bring it with the Diwali cards instead. How many Indian-Americans do we have to have before Diwali gets in there with Hannukah, Christmas and Kwaanza, and gives the evangelicals yet more evidence that the world is coming to an end? I hope it doesn't take much longer. I want their selfish world to come to an end as soon as possible. Does that make me a Christmas hater? No. Just an evangelical disapprover.

Poor Little Critter on the Road said...

oh yeah Sparklebot, and by the way, when we bother to send out cards, you get one from us, so I trust that the smack talk was not about this branch of your family. This year, Mattie and I are hand making our holiday cards out of the cardboard that comes with my shirts from the dry cleaners. Eco friendly, shabby chic, craftastic, and very time-consuming.