December 28, 2009

The Official Christmas Post

I'm sure that, after 24 days of counting down, you are wondering how the BotTron Family Christmas turned out. Well, here's a little peak into our holiday.

Troubletron and I decided that, since none of our in-town relatives was having any sort of Christmas Eve activity, we would have some friends over for pre-holiday games and food.

I put on my most sparkly necklace.
And loaded up the house with delicious treats.

There's something I can't resist about a cheeseball.
We tried to make our house as cozy as possible for our guests.
We even turned on the Hello Kitty lights.
You can see we were ready for fun.
So much fun, in fact, that THIS is the only picture I took during the night:
Guess you'll just have to take my word for it that people came and fun was had. After a long night of appetizers, czarina, and games, Troubletron and I basked in the warmth of the TV fire and enjoyed the lighting of Christmas.
We slept soundly. No kids in the house meant no Santa to disturb our slumber. We slept in.

Upon arising, we started what we decided would be a Christmas tradition in our marital home:
Banana Pudding for breakfast.

Then we got down to the business of the day.
Trees look so different in the day than they do in the night.

Marzipan got a new set of Kiwi treats and a hanging toy for Christmas.
Troubletron and I got lots of great stuff.

... lots of great stuff that we wanted to flaunt to the rest of the family. So, Troubletron wore his new shirt and coat (thanks Snowbird!) on our way to pick up the kids and stop in at his parents' house.
I wore my new feathered headband (from SewApropos!) and purple coat.
We picked up the kids, ate Chinese food with Troubletron's family, and opened gifts in Stafford. (Why do I have no pics from that?)

Then, we brought the kids home for THIRD Christmas at our house.

Littletron loved his Burger King and Target gift cards ...
... Star Wars Lego sets ...
... and new Lego Indiana Jones video game.
Teenbot was most excited about her new skinny jeans (Thanks again Snowbird).
But, she also loved her $50 worth of iTunes gift cards (though she started to suspect there might be a conspiracy to give her this gift amongst Sparklebot family members).
(Did you notice the rainbow scarf Teenbot was wearing? Troubletron made her that!)

After the tree was emptied, the kids set to work putting gifts together.
Troubletron and I went to work opening our Christmas gifts.
Troubletron was eager to purchase Harry Potter spell-casting apps with his iTunes gift cards (flexing or punching himself in the chest?).
I was eager to try on the Anthropologie boots I had looked at online 54 times before Christmas . . . wishing and hoping they would be mine.
Perfect fit.

I also tried on some more of the hair candy Troubletron got for me.
I happened upon this tender moment between Troubletron and Yoda.
But, I wasn't jealous. I know they have a history.

After a taco dinner (who needs all that heavy food just a month after Thanksgiving?), we started the games. Twister is a new favorite with the kids.
As is Rock-em Sock-em Robots (Littletron cheats).
Yoda kept showing up. Everywhere.
It was a lot of family togetherness.
We had a wonderful holiday, and we hope you had the same!

4 Robot Reactions:

Jodie said...

Ok...those boots are beyond amazing. And 3 Christmas celebrations for the kids!!! Lucky!

Sparklebot said...

I know. It makes me think I missed out as a kid!

Jessica said...

I promise there was no i-tunes conspiracy on our part. It just seemed likely to be a gift she would use, and quickly too!

RohanTron said...

Wow, that scarf looks pretty awesome. Did TroubleTron really make that?