January 6, 2010


Troubletron and I finally put away the Christmas tree.

I took the opportunity to have Troubletron rearrange some of our furniture (I've been wanting to do this for a while, but couldn't figure out how to make it work . . . but, I just had an organizational breakthrough).

I am so pleased with the new arrangement.  I can't take a picture of it for you, though, because my house is too messy right now.  It would cause me too much shame.

But, I can show you what we found UNDER the chair you see Troubletron moving above.

In case you can't see from that photo, we have:

1) A large piece of a Star Wars Lego Ship.

2) A scrap of wrapping paper.

3) An unwrapped, but otherwise untouched snack-sized candy bar (maybe Snickers?)

I understand the Legos.  There are Legos everywhere here--in my underwear drawer, in the dryer lint trap, in the shower.

I understand the wrapping paper.  Stuff gets ripped up and a piece could fall.

But, the chocolate bar?  Why would someone open a bar, and not eat it?  And, more mysteriously, how did the 47 mice that live in our apartment miss it?

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Ginna said...

hmmm, very strange. That wouldn't happen in my house, our vacuum cleaner of a canine would snap it up in no time, even if he had to move the chair to do it.
Our tree is down now, but I still have to pack the rest of the stuff away. UGH.

Carly said...

Frankly I am surprised by how little you found under your chair. I'm pretty sure we could feed several large animals for a few days on the tidbits in our couch, alone. And once we fed the fish at warm river for like an hour just using the crumbs in our car. Maybe that was too much detail? It's always a little sad and a little happy to take down the tree...

Jillian said...

I'm with Carly, I actually feel it an indictment on my character, that under your couch is so clean....and under mine....well, is not.

Sparklebot said...

Perhaps I should say, for the Carlys and Jillians out there, that this chair:

1) was only in that place for 11 months

2) was not in a regular seating area, so no one ever sat in or near it. (which is why I wanted to move it)

3) is close to 70 years old, so it is an older style that sits about an inch off the ground, so there is little room for things to slide underneath.

Side of Jeffrey said...

I do find it odd that the mice didn't go for it. Maybe its laced with poison? I know in our house their would be approximately 1,000,000 ants on that candy bar right now. We brought home delicious popcorn the other day and the ants somehow found their way inside the closed bag up on a countertop. I sprayed the bichos (spanish for bugs, or bitches, I can't remember)

Jillian said...

True Confessions- I ain't fooling anybody. I would totally have eaten it.

Don't judge me