February 8, 2010

Countdown of Love, Day 7: If you love me, restock my q-tips

Today's post comes from k a t y, who regularly posts at no big dill.  k a t y and I met in high school, way back in the mid-late 1990's, in Provo, UT.  We've sewn together, taken classes together, and performed ridiculous seminary skits together.
(Left to Right: k a t y, Sparklebot, Harvey)
(May 1997; Middle of our "Senior Night Live" skit--I have it on VHS!!!)

k a t y is now the proud mother of 5 (yep, 5) beautiful girls.  Somehow she finds time to make and sell wonderful accessories over at Sew Apropos (I don't think I can link her store enough times).


When Ryan and I were first married, I had great plans for gifts for the coming holidays and birthdays.  I began with Christmas.  I made him a pendleton wool coat.  I spent hours and hours cutting and sewing while he was at work.  I found some metal snaps to give it some modernity, and put the sleeves in just right so as not to make it look homemade.  My top stitching was impeccable.  How I looked forward to the grand reveal come Christmas morning.  (I might have even given it to him early, as I am guilty of having little will-power when it comes to waiting.)  He didn't disappoint.  He oohed and ahhed, looked it over, tried it on, modeled it for anyone willing to be audience.  He complimented me on my sewing skills and it all unfolded as I had imagined in my head.  I had pleased him.  He felt loved by me.

Almost 10 years have passed. I've given up the grand gestures.  It isn't that I love him any less.  I love him more.  My deduction after time:  I like to make stuff.  That's what brings me contentment, satisfaction.  Key word: me.  I assumed that Ryan would feel loved by me through my projects.  He appreciates a new tie, or the recycled lunch bag, but even more than gifts wrapped nicely and color coordinated, he wants my love in our daily interactions. 

I am now a sounding-board to dissect frustrations at work.  I try to make certain there is bread and milk for a steady breakfast of peanut butter and jam sandwich each morning.  I call about the insurance claim to confirm it is resolved.  I stock the q-tips, for morning's post-shower to dry ears.  I pay the electric bill each month.  I do these little things so he knows he is loved.  Because he is.

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Carly said...

I love this post. It's so true! I also love the pic of all the 'cool girls' from PHS. I totally thought you were the cool girls, and I still do.

k a t y said...

Carly, you thought we were the cool girls? Awesome.

Sparklebot said...

Carly, I always wished I had hung out with you and Robin more!

madsta said...

what a beautiful reflection on valentines!

k a t y said...

You're nice, Ashley. Just you and Andy Strong thought so.

Carly said...

Hey, you WERE cool. And you have the seminary skit photo to prove it! I think there might be some high school pics of me wearing a foam mesh hat and flowy floral pants that might dispel any misconception about my cool status. Ah me....