August 12, 2009

Littletron's Birthday

Littletron turns 9 this coming weekend. We invited all the family over to celebrate the occasion (and to get this kid some presents!).

One thing about the family is that all the girls like to be very close.
The boys take a more relaxed approach to family time.
Littletron was very excited to blow out his candles so he could open presents.
What he was NOT excited about was the cake I slaved over.

I thought for weeks about how I could make his birthday cake special and fun for kids. I toyed with a few ideas, but settled on making a checkerboard cake, using food-coloring to differentiate between the different sections of yellow cake (the family favorite).

Littletron said it looked "gwoss."

Oh well. I guess it kind of does.
Lesson learned. But, back to the party. Littletron blew out his candles.
And opened his presents with all his jealous cousins looking on.
Star Wars was still a prominent theme, despite its being banned in our home.
But, he was happy. And, if he's happy, we're happy.
Happy Birthday Littletron!

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Side of Caitlin said...

That cakes looks awesome! I'm impressed even if littletron was not.

Shons said...

I agree, The cake does look awesome. It also reminds me that our birthday is arriving shortly

Beth said...

I have a hard time believing a nine year old boy wouldn't like a green and orange cake. Oh well you win some you lose some.

Shackles2Garlands said...

Oh my goodness! Star Wars banned in the home! That would not work in our house, although if I could I would happily ban WoW (World of Warcraft), even though I play occasionally with the boyfriend (who loves it). The things we do for love though.

I don't think the cake looks "gwoss" at all. It was a nifty idea you did, and yes that was a lot of work! Great job! :- D

snowbird said...

Happy Birthday to Littletron!!! I think the cake looks fun -- You did a great job! Don't give up -- next year make a yellow cake shaped like the Deathstar!!! And no banning star Wars in the house......what if your parents had banned "My Little Ponies" or Transformers ........?