August 13, 2009


Okay, is it child abuse to hold down a small tender, teddy bear loving boy and force him to get a hair cut? Is it inhumane to take a loud, scary hair clipper to his poor little weepy head?

Well......I don't particularly care! Check out Littletron's side burns!!

From the side you can see that his side burns are almost to world class status.........

And by "world class" I mean this:

Not cool.....not cool!! Someone needs to have talk with his father! Something MUST be done

2 Robot Reactions:

Sparklebot said...

I love the way they can be pulled around his ears to meet up with the rest of his hair.

JakieWakie said...

I say, let it ALL grow out. Remember when I was up there and you told him he was getting elf-sideburns? Well let his hair grow out and bleach it white, and see if he likes having a full-on Legolas. Then he might be more interested in getting his hair cut.