August 25, 2009

New Addition to the BotTron Family

Troubletron and I, Sparklebot, have a very exciting announcement!

You see, Troubletron and I aren't getting any younger. In just a few days, I face the inevitable fact of my 30th birthday (I know, I know, I don't look a day over 29 and a half). Troubletron is already 31. And, while we both still largely act like children, we have been doing a lot of talking the last few months about how it might be time to go ahead and take that next big step in our lives.

I know what you're thinking--"but, Sparklebot, you and Troubletron have only been married for five and a half months. The honeymoon isn't even over yet! Are you sure you are ready to take on even more responsibilty and change the nature of your lives before you are even really used to being around each other?" This is a valid concern, and I appreciate your thoughts, but as you may know about Troubletron and me, we are rather impulsive (e.g. engagement after only a few months of dating, elopement after only a few weeks of being engaged, etc.).

So, we made this decision the same way we have made all our other important joint life decisions: quickly and impulsively!

Now, of course, we already have two beautiful children, Teenbot and Littletron. But, we only get to see those two little balls of kid-joy every other weekend. When they are away, we miss them!

We have taken the, ahem, "necessary steps" and are now proud to announce to the world (or our 4 blog readers) that we are adding TWO new members to our family!

The first: our new parakeet Marzipan

And the second (who I couldn't get a legit picture of since he spends all day hiding in his neon rock inside of R2D2's body), is a Beta Fish who is either named Homestar or Bill Winters (Littletron has not yet decided).
We hope you can share in our joy as we embark on our new pet parenthood!

5 Robot Reactions:

Side of Jeffrey said...

Parakeets are essential. ESSENTIAL. While not a replacement to your previous parakeet that died, this is a great addition to the lifetime of amazing bird memories that you will collect. Good work.

Side of Caitlin said...

Congrats guys! This is great news! Your bird is super cute :)

Shackles2Garlands said...

Oh yay! You got a Beta Fish! And you're doing it right and NOT sticking the poor thing in a tiny bowel! Betas live quite happily and have a much longer life in larger tanks, so big kudos for you! I genuinely love Betas, and always happy when someone adopts the little buggers and actually have the brains to give them a good-size home! :- D

snowbird said...

Congratulations!!!!on your new family additions. The parakeet is beautiful. I hope she's a baby so you can train her to let you hold her and train her to talk!!! I'm sure the fish is just as lovely.

Ellen said...

Jerkface! Okay, congratulations, but you are sneaky.