August 29, 2009

Wrapping Up NC Trip

I got a little off-track between telling you about our NC trip because I had to tell you about such important things as new pets and a coloring contest. But, now, we're back on track here with the final day of the NC trip. Troubletron and I started off the day by grabbing breakfast at the Bojangles.

Bojangles doesn't just provide breakfast, it provides delicious ecstacy.
Troubletron had never had Bojangles, but he became a fan of the sausage biscuits and country ham biscuits immediately.
After breakfast, we helped Papatron with some tasks around the house.
Troubletron is VERY handy with the power tools (as long as he has some instructions).
Troubletron did an excellent job hanging Papatron's new curtains.
Papatron rewarded our hard work by taking us to a southern lunch at the K&W cafeteria where Troubletron ingested his first bite of turnip greens.
He asked me to take that picture for proof so he'd never have to taste them again.

After lunch, we stopped off to stand in the shadows of the statute of Kannapolis's most famous former resident.
Yep. We stopped at the Dale Earnhart shrine.
I LOVE this picture of the three of us reflected in this memorial. It's like we can see ourselves in Dale.
It was my first time at the shrine to celebrate this great Kannapolis citizen.
And, that was the end of our trip. And now you know all about it.

3 Robot Reactions:

Shackles2Garlands said...

Those are snazzy curtains! They look like satin! :- D

Anonymous said...

Question: Who is Kannapolis' other most famous son?

Rori said...

love bojangles!
when i lived in southern va their radio commercials always cracked me up
a gruff sounding old black dude would say: "chicken n a biskit. $2.99!"