August 28, 2009

Baby Pictures

Marzipan is getting cuter, stronger, and more talented everyday.

We are so excited to have her in the family!

(yeah, I posted pictures of my bird on my blog. Yeah, I am calling her my baby. It's better than being a cat lady)

6 Robot Reactions:

Trouble Tron said...

Is she doing a one legged swing pose?? She must have been watching our yoga session!

Jana said...

I see that being friends with Jeff for so long has rubbed off in a serious way.

SJ said...

I know the feeling. For me it's a bunny. Although now she is in bunny teenage years and rather difficult. She is still to me "baby bunny".

Shelly! said...

wait, do you talk to her too? If so they you are much closer to cat lady than you suspect!

Sparklebot said...

Troubletron: She's been doing tricks all day!

Jana: PSH. My family had birds for my whole childhood. It's just a coincidence that Jeff's family now also loves birds.

SJ: I had bunnies when I was little. They can be great pets!

Shelly!: You HAVE to talk to birds. They are very social and get depressed if they don't have interaction. We're in the process of training her to like people, so talking is essential. But, unlike cats, she will talk back and play with us.

Side of Jeffrey said...

UM - ERCHHH. We also had parakeets for most of my childhood. Limon is one of a long legacy of precious family birds. We finally got one that doesn't die after 5-12 years.