August 28, 2009

Poll Updates

Just two weeks ago, on this blog, we posted a poll about whether it is child abuse to hold down a tender, young, teddy-bear-loving boy and cut off his ridiculously overgrown side burns. The results were overwhelmingly in favor of cutting!

Thanks for your input. You will be happy to know that we took your advice.
Littletron's near-ear hair is now a respectable length. Note Teenbot's ridiculous face. Is it me, or does she look like she's snorting cocaine?

As for our current poll, regarding which of our family-colored pictures is the BEST, this is how Troubletron feels about the current results:
That's right. He's disgusted. Keep voting!

3 Robot Reactions:

Trouble Tron said...

It's very upsetting.......I's Lord VADER!!! Dark Lord Vader! Sir Vader....Sir Lord's just very upsetting, that's all!!

Sparklebot said...

Jeff Vader?

Didn't Caleb call him "Lord" Vader? Kids are so cute!

Trouble Tron said...

Lord Vader? Darth Vader, I'm Darth Vader. Sir Lord Vader? Sir Lord Darth Vader? Lord Darth Sir Lord, Lord Vader of Cheem? Sir Lord Baron Von Vader Ham? Or something like that!!!