August 27, 2009


Today is a HORRIBLE day. And, I'll give you a clue why. What does THIS tell you:
(Besides that I didn't make my own birthday cake)

That's right. I've reached that horrible age milestone that every 15 year old thinks means death. At least it came with some lovely gifts:

(Target-bag wrapping brought to you by Troubletron)
What am I doing to celebrate this major milestone in my life? Well, last weekend, when the kids were here, we celebrated by going to the grocery store in a major thunderstorm.

And, then by sitting around on the couch.

We "celebrated" with just the family, and Apology Panda (Note, I know this is Apology Panda's debut on the blog. He basically is kept around to use during apologies so that the perpetrator of the bad act doesn't have to take personal responsibility for his or her, but mostly his, wrongdoing).
I think I'm going back to bed now.

11 Robot Reactions:

Trouble Tron said...

Looks to me like that may very well be the most AWESOMEST birthday cake ever!!!

Beth said...


Is it just me or does it look like your birthday cake says BO on it?

Trouble Tron said...

Any resemblance to "BO" is purely coincidental. Please Beth don't get me murdered by a 30 year old woman who got salty over her b-day cake inscription!!

Jodie said...

Welcome to the 30 club! Shouldn't we get some kind of a discount to things now? I think we're entitled!

Amy Jo said...

Happy birthday! Your cake is lovely, although in the thumbnail it does look like BO. Target gift wrap-I thought my husband patented it.
Apology Panda...Genius!

Sparklebot said...

Troubletron: it was and still is an awesome cake. I think I'm going to eat the last of it right now!

Beth: a giant "30" that looks like BO with a peace sign is what you get when you instruct a 13 year old who is obsessed with hippies to write happy birthday on a cake.

Troubletron again: You didnt do it! But, your seed did.

Jodie: I definitely think discounts are in order. Remember when we turned 20? I remember both yours and mine.

Amy Jo: I don't know who patented it, but men definitely have a monopoly on lame wrapping. Apology Panda has been great for us.

Jana said...

I totally thought it said "BO" too at first glance! Happy Birthday! Aren't you glad you are celebrating that you're 30 instead of celebrating that you have BO?

Shackles2Garlands said...

Don't worry, you still have 20 more years until you've lived half a century! ;- D

Happy 30th Birthday! (from a 32-year-old!)

Sparklebot said...

Jana: I don't have BO!

Shackles:I feel like 50 is right around the corner.

Shelly! said...

As someone older (we could debate the wiser part) than you let me say - 30 ROCKS!

I'm not going to say that 30 is the new 20 - because that's just crap. 30 is good though. And for me 31 is turning out well too.

Quite frankly I'm a bit surprised by your mourning. Dry your tears, grab your Ben-Gay and go do something totally inappropriate for a 30 year-old! You'll love it :)

Side of Caitlin said...

Happy 30th Ashley! Looks like you had a great B-day weekend! Hope today was just as awesome.