September 23, 2009

Is it weird?

Is it weird that when my husband wants to annoy me, or is in a teasing mood, he tries to wipe his bare eyeball on my arm, leg, cheek--basically any area of dry skin he can find?

I'll answer that for you.

YES. It IS weird. And, it needs to stop!

5 Robot Reactions:

Trouble Tron said...

I think that sharing ones bodily fluids with ones chosen mate isn't weird.....its beautiful! It's what life is all about :)

JakieWakie said...

Whoa, Trouble Tron. You just changed the nature of the conversation with that comment.

Ignoring that, I think it's hilarious that he does that. If I was pretty eye-phobic myself, I'd do that to my wife, too.

Beth said...

eww eww eww eww EWW! I really don't like eyes.

Side of Jeffrey said...

You have always been weak when it comes to eyes. Too weak. That's why you are vulnerable.

Sparklebot said...

Eyes are DISGUSTING. No one should ever touch theirs, and no one's eye should EVER touch me!