September 16, 2009

Patrick Swayze

Last night, after our workout, I turned to Troubletron and said, "I was thinking that we could watch Dirty Dancing in honor and remembrance of the passing of the great Mr. Swayze."

Troubletron looked at me and said, "Oh yeah? You were thinking that? Maybe think something else."


I tried, Patrick.

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Shackles2Garlands said...

I liked "Ghost" much more than "Dirty Dancing." Demi Moore annoys me, but she was younger then so a little less annoying. I'm curious to know what as Patrick Swayze's favorite movie to work on though.

It was kind of sweet and funny at my mom's work though. Here was the conversation between my mom, the supervisor, and a lady co-worker who I'll just call Gina:

Gina: He's dead! That'll make my mom happy!
Supervisor: Did your mom hate Patrick Swayze?
Shackle's mom: No, Gina's mom is dead.
Gina: And she loved him!

I hope if there is anything beyond us that everyone is happy :- )

Sparklebot said...

Shackles: Haha. That's funny. My mom loves Patrick Stewart. Moms are gross.