September 17, 2009

Bad Citizens

Last night, Troubletron had to work late, so I found myself waiting in a long line in the Taco Bell drive thru to pick him up some dinner. Saying the line was long is an understatement. There must have been 15 cars in the line--very unusual in our area, in my experience.

As I waited, a driver in a minivan behind me became impatient, pulled out of the line, and sped up into the parking lot next to the line. When she got up there, she must have seen that there were no available parking spots except for the handicapped spot. She pulled right in.

I sat there, watching, shocked. This fully-capable woman parked in the handicapped spot, jumped out of her van, and popped inside the Taco Bell.

I was outraged.

But then it happened again. Another driver pulled out of the lengthy line, realized there were no spots, and then pulled in right next to the minivan--only this driver pulled into the painted zone BETWEEN handicapped spots that allows space for handicapped people to maneuver into their car.
What the H!?

If I was outraged with one, the second sent me into a fury I cannot describe. Sitting there in the line, staring at those cars, I tried to think of what I should do. So, naturally, I took a photo with my phone for evidence. I wrote down their license plate numbers, the date and time of the occurence, and physical descriptions of each woman. I'll be mailing those to the police.

Then, I found some scraps of paper from my car (thanks, kids, for leaving trash everywhere!) and wrote special notes for both of these drivers. The notes said, "You are a terrible human being. Handicapped parking is alotted for a reason. That reason is not for your personal convenience. You have been referred to the police."

But, I still wasn't satisfied.

Don't worry. I didn't take any further action. But, I wanted to. I think I have anger management issues. It just burns me up that people can do this with zero consequences. The parking lot was way too packed for a police officer to bother coming by--not that there are officers cruising around checking handicapped spots. Anyway, it's the next day and I'm still mad about it.

5 Robot Reactions:

Side of Jeffrey said...

Next step would have been letting the air out of their tires, Goonies sytle!

Sparklebot said...

Tempting. That would be breaking the law, though, which I'm not allowed to do. I guess no one is allowed to, but I'm REALLY not allowed to.

Shackles2Garlands said...

lol, I would have done the same thing, although you have no reason to be mad today still (you did all could, including alerting police). It's the burden of being home all day, burned on creative projects, and not much else to do. I went through the same thing before. It's like Bruce Wayne turning into Batman in some way. You're going vigiliante, which is not such a bad thing ;- )

Shelly! said...

There is a special place in hell for those people - and I do believe it involves an unending Taco Bell drive-thru.

Rori said...

I called the non emergency number two nights ago when these skanky girls were booty dancing like strippers in my parking lot with music blaring from a car for a half hour. They were obviously intoxicated, hooping and hollaring and looking like all around pirate hookers. after dancing for a half hour they proceeded into the building next to mine...i mean really you thought it was a good idea to have a dance party in the parking lot INSTEAD OF YOUR APARTMENT? Of course the cops showed up like 20 minutes after they went inside. FOOLS...still angry about it