September 2, 2009

Poll Winner

Thanks for all your votes this past week in our family coloring contest. Thirty-eight of you voted and selected the pink Chewbacca with Orange-tan Han as the overwhelming winner!

I wonder if you can guess who colored the winning picture. I'll give you a hint--everyone's picture is hung on his/her personal magnetic bulletin board in our family art center (click to enlarge if you wish to see more detailed).
Have I told you about our family art center? I don't believe so.

Troubletron and I were trying to think of a way to use our former computer desk, and trying to think of ways to make the kids feel more at home in our apartment on the weekends we get to have them. We came up with the family art center:

Which essentially consists of a desk lined with all the drawing/coloring/shading/cutting utensils a child could desire (clearly organized into mugs/vases we already had in our house):
A little shelf with stacks of white paper, colored/patterned paper, construction paper, a bin of glues, tape, and extra crayons, and boxes of stickers and messier art supplies (paints, oil pastels, etc).

A drawer that pulls out to reveal personal notebooks with sheet protectors for the kids' finished products that they want to keep, along with notebooks for drawing/sketching/practicing:
And, of course, you saw above where every family member can display any of their own projects or inspiring works of others on their own personal magnetic board.
Many of you may be wondering how the kids reacted to such an awesome addition to our household. I got a half-smile from Teenbot and a "cool" from Littletron as he turned to go pull out the Lego bin. So, I didn't get the reaction I'd hoped for, but they used the supplies intermittently throughout the weekend, so I think that's a better indicator of satisfaction. Still, I would welcome any suggestions for improvement!
To sum up, your two jobs in the comments: guess which of us colored Chewy/Han, and give me any ideas you have to add to my art center!

6 Robot Reactions:

JakieWakie said...

Clearly, YOU, Sparklebot, are the winner.

Your family art center looks more than adequate, if you ask me.

Sparklebot said...

Jakie: I'm not looking for adequacy. I'm looking for greatness.

Beth said...

I agree that you, Sparkelbot, are the winner.

I like the art station. I want to do something similar, but have stuff for writing too. So poetry books, a dictionary, lined paper, and stuff like that.

Trouble Tron said...

It hurts just a little that no one said "Gosh Sparklebot, I really think Troubletron is the clear winner here! I mean his absolute and total awesomeness just shines through" I mean come on guys.....I have feelings too :(

JakieWakie said...

Don't take it personal, Trouble Tron. I'm pretty sure that Beth and I both instantly recognized the picture of the girl with the beehive hair and recognized a picture we've seen in Sparklebot's room or home for years.

Beth said...

JakieWakie is right. It was the picture and the fact that her square has a large A on it. Besides I know how much Sparklebot appreciates a nice fake tan . . . .