September 11, 2009

Sewing Challenge

According to my friend Katy, September is national sewing month. She put out a challenge on her blog to all her readers to do some sewing during the month of September, and to then share their projects with the blogosphere.

I'm taking the challenge because, hey, I love sewing, and I am unemployed. So, if not now, when?

I've decided to sew Christmas stockings for my new family. I wanted to do something different than the stockings I made for my mom a few years back (which involved a lot of hand-sewing and sequins). I've been looking for ideas online and I came across these lovely plaid stockings to the right.

Unfortunately, I could only find this photo and not the actual pattern for the stockings, but I think they look simple enough to wing it.

I went to the largest fabric store in my area last weekend to get some plaid flannels to work with. Unfortunately, I was so disappointed with the selection, I almost gave up the idea. I came out with nothing but discouragement. But, I'm going to check a few more stores and see what I can find.

On a more encouraging note, I also fell in love with that pompom-and-bead garland hanging above the stockings pictured. I liked it so much that I made two similar ones for Christmas, and one for Halloween! I'll share pictures soon.

Is anyone else taking this sewing challenge?

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Beth said...

Dude! I have that book at my local library! I've checked it out before. Want a copy of the pattern?

BTW, I love the stockings. I think I'd like to join this challenge but I'm not sure what I'd sew. I'm not exactly a master seamstress, thought I did see a idea for sewing little girl pajama bottoms out of a pillowcase in reader the other day. Perhaps I could attempt that.

Sparklebot said...

Beth: YES! I would love a copy of the pattern! That would be awesome. And, you've done your fair share of sewing. I've seen it with my own eyes. I'm sure you could find something to sew!

Jodie said...

May I suggest making Christmas toques instead of stockings? We started the trend last Christmas when we left our stockings at home. Think about it!

Trouble Tron said...

May I suggest making some pants for your husband. It appears that he is missing his. See previous post for the proof!!

JakieWakie said...

Unaware that it was National Sewing Month, Lauren just finished making herself a dress earlier this week.

If you have trouble finding good plaids, there's a good locally-owned fabric store where we live that has tons of beautiful plaids. Lauren actually used one of them for her dress. We can go there and send you some pictures of your options, if you like.

Sherpa said...

I love to sew! I should do this. I've already completed some embroidery projects this month, I'll post those up first.

Carly said...

I sewed an apron. I had some accidents with the bias tape, and gave up on the pocket. But hey, it goes over my kid's head and ties in the back. What more can she want? This project looks like a lot of fun. Good luck!