September 10, 2009

Naked Realization

A few days ago, Troubletron and I were doing some grocery shopping at the local Giant Food Store. As we made our way up and down the store's various food aisles, we came upon the seasonal section of the store, already in transition for Halloween. Shelves and shelves of candy corn, pumpkins, and spiderwebs lured us in to glance over the early seasonal offerings.

As we perused the goods, Halloween joys rushing over our inner children, I spotted a package of cardboard Halloween decorations that I instantly recognized. I grabbed the package, showed Troubletron, and said, "I had these! We had these! When I was a kid! We had these exact Halloween decorations!"

But, strangely, Troubletron didn't believe me. He said, "are you trying to tell me that they have made the SAME Halloween decorations for 25 years? That's a little hard for me to believe. You're probably remembering them wrong."

What Troubletron apparently hasn't learned is that my memory is perfect. Yet, no amount of assurance and explanation would convince him that we had THE EXACT SAME decorations when I was a kid. Then, somewhere around the ice cream aisle, I realized I could prove it!

I remembered that somewhere in our family pictures, was a photo of a young JakieWakie standing naked on the bathroom counter, with one of the Halloween decorations in question taped to the mirror.

When we arrived home from the store, I dropped the grocery bags in the kitchen and headed straight to my office to rifle through my family pictures (that I happen to have all of so I can scan them for the family--haha--someday).

I found THIS:
October 1986. This is JakieWakie at 16 months, apparently right before his first haircut (that's what the back of the photo says).

You will notice the witch decoration in the top left corner on the mirror.

I brought this photo into the kitchen where Troubletron was diligently putting away groceries, shoved it in his face, and said something like, "SUCK IT!" or "BOOM!"

To my disappointment, Troubletron was still not convinced. He claimed he needed to see the decoration we bought in the same setting as the 1986 picture to know for sure.

So, we set that up.

Here are the rest of the decorations from the package (mostly for the benefit of my family). WE HAD THESE!

The witch in the house was always my favorite.
Haha. I think we should all give Troubletron a round of applause for letting me put a naked picture of him on the internet for the sake of the blog. Also, if you look closely, you can see Troubletron's newest tattoo:
It's a heart with our initials on the outside, and a number representing an important date to us.

12 Robot Reactions:

Trouble Tron said...

Looks like Troubletron needs to hit the gym :)

Also....Jakiewakie looks "SO GOOD" with a baby mullet :)

Sparklebot said...

Why do parents make their kids have baby mullets?

Side of Jeffrey said...

"Halloween joys rushing over our inner children"?

JakieWakie said...

I think to fully re-create the image, you need ME naked next to that picture, don't you?

Sparklebot said...

SoJ: Yes. Rushing.

Jakie: Yes, we DO need you naked next to that picture, but that's a picture I will not be taking. Maybe you and Lauren could set that up.

Zannah said...

Not that you need further proof since you have photographic evidence and all, but just wanted to say that we had those EXACT same decorations when I was a kid, too. In fact, I think my mom still uses them. That witch is classic. As are your naked males.

Beth said...

I'm sorry but I'm laughing too hard to make any kind of respectable comment.

Miss Scarlet said...

Hahah I was NOT expecting the comparison pic. If it were me in the pic, I would have inspected it for any reflections for hours.

Sparklebot said...

Zannah: Thanks for backing me up.

Beth: Good! That was the goal.

Miss Scarlet: I did inspect it forever. There are so many mirrors in that bathroom!

Rohan said...

Smash, I'm almost certain my family had those same decorations in Columbia, SC! My favorite was always the Jack-o-lantern because he was so damn classy.

Sparklebot said...

Rohan: That Jack-o-lantern decoration is where I learned what a "corn-cob pipe" actually was. Thank you for backing me up.

NG said...

Troubletron may not believe this, but I'm gonna weigh in and say I had those exact same decorations 25 years ago too. I was fascinated by that pumpkin in the derby which, inexplicably, seems to have cat ears.