September 9, 2009

When Will The Big News Come?

Recently, Troubletron was working hard when one of his employees came up to chat with him. With an inquisitive tone, the employee asked, "so, did your wife hear if she passed her test to be a lawyer?"

Troubletron responded off-handedly, "nope, not yet."

With unexpected impatience, the employee said, "WHY NOT? I NEED TO KNOW, MAN!"

Apparently, this youngster has a friend with a legal problem and wants my legal advice. Flattering. But, to this guy and all the rest of y'all who keep asking, I don't find out until October 16 (if the bar examiners are on schedule). We still have over a month of waiting.

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Side of Jeffrey said...

10/16...who knew that could ever be an important date to anyone. But here it is, a crucial day in yours and thousands of potential JD's books. Good luck!