September 21, 2009

A+ to the Snuggie Marketers

Saturday evening, Troubletron was playing soccer with his work buddies while the kids and I sat along the side of the field, chatting. As the evening wore on and dusk fell, the temperature dropped suddenly. I handed Littletron (who is 9) the thin blanket I had brought in case the kids wanted to sit on the ground.

Sparklebot: Here. Wrap this around you.

Littletron: (While opening it) What is this thing?

Sparklebot: It's a blanket.

Littletron: Oh! It just looks like some material or something.

Sparklebot: Well, yeah. Sort of. But, it will work as a blanket.

Littletron: Oh wow. It's like a Snuggie, but without sleeves!

1 Robot Reactions:

Shons said...

Littletron is hilarious! While I have never encountered a snuggie, my reaction would be similar to his.

"Oh its like a blanket, but with sleeves!"