September 21, 2009

Weekend Recap and More Projects

Since I am eternally impatient for Halloween, we bought tiny pumpkins at the grocery store this weekend. Each member of the family selected his/her own pumpkin. We sat down on Sunday afternoon to draw faces on our pumpkins.

I would have liked to have used paints, which work on pumpkins so much better than markers do. But, I recently threw out all my old paints for dryness, and money is too tight in my unemployed world to go buy more, so we were stuck with markers. It didn't dampen the fun, though.
Here are the family pumpkins. I was going to do a contest for the best pumpkin, but I think it's too obvious which family member did which pumpkin--and I didn't want campaigning to play a part in this contest.
Each family member is represented by a pumpkin. From left to right, we have Teenbot, Marzipan, Troubletron, Littletron, and mine (Sparklebot).

What? Yes, Marzipan had a great time decorating her pumpkin. She drew a bat on it. Bats are scary to birds, ok?

What? No, we didn't get a pumpkin for the fish. Fish can't hold markers. That's ridiculous.

Also this weekend, Troubletron and I got the chance to wear our new monogrammed cardigans!
I "made" these by taking placing iron-on letters on existing cardigans. I am LOVING this look. And, to give credit where it is due, this was Troubletron's idea. He spotted these letters in the fabric store while he was holding my other stuff and I was finding thread colors.

He's a visionary.

2 Robot Reactions:

Kelly O. said...

Ashley you look hot in this picture!! And as always, so crafty! Love it!

Sherpa said...

Those cardigans are awesome.

I love your husband a bit for coming up with that idea.