October 29, 2009

BONUS Costume Post!

Since I couldn't find many pictures of Troubletron or me dressed up for Halloween, I've complied some photos of us "dressed up" in pictures when it was not Halloween.

We'll start with Troubletron. Who dressed this kid as a '70s pimp?
Here I am dressed up for the White Trash BBQ. Yep, I'm DRINKING AND SMOKING, while pregnant!
Troubletron rocks the suede vest. He's dressed as ridiculous(ly cute).
Here I am, dead (at the end of the filming of Til Death).
Troubletron is dressed as an animal for a camp play. Can you guess what animal?
He looks like he may have been tall for his age.

This next photo was taken NEAR Halloween, but we are not in costume. Yet I (far left, standing), am dressed like a boy . . . a boy wearing a Barbie Rocks sweatshirt (thanks for forcing me to have that haircut, parents!). David is dressed as a psycho kid with a knife. Seth is dressed as a kid with a rat tail.

Next . . . Troubletron dresses up as either a Star Trek cast member or a pervert for his halloween picture (the turtleneck can only go one of those two ways).
(Also, he still makes this face from time to time--mostly when he's pretending to be surprised, or is being sarcastically surprised).

And, what kid of the '80s didn't go through a Karate Kid phase?
That's me in the middle. Did we take Karate? No. We just had Karate pajamas. And, Seth's holding a toy aligator, which is way more menacing than mine and David's bad Karate-kid poses.

Next, Troubletron dresses up as one of the members of Color Me Badd for his uncle's wedding.Yeah. How YOU doin'?

And, finally, we have NOT me, NOT Troubletron, but another photo of JakieWakie! This time he's dressed as some sort of gypsy child.
Why would JakieWakie dress up in a dress, you might ask? Well, basically because he was my living doll. I did this. Bwahahaha!

He was just my little pawn. See:
Doesn't my dress look like Libby Mae Brown's dress from the America part of Red, White, and Blaine? Destiny.

Happy Halloween!!!

4 Robot Reactions:

JakieWakie said...

I was wondering if there were going to be any pictures of me, and I was just beginning to get a little jealous. Then... be careful what you wish for.

Shelly! said...

Awesome montage.

And can I say how wonderfully unsurprised I was to see you quote Waiting for Guffman? Oh, you'd so be my friend in real life.

PS - I do believe that is what younger siblings purpose in life is - at least until they can fight back!

emily said...

I think the not Halloween costumes post is really clever. Love the Color Me Badd. I wonder what kind of not Halloween costume pics we have laying around here. I may copy you! Maybe not though, b/c I'm very lazy. If I do I'll be sure to credit you.

Renee said...

tick tock ya don't stop. to the aw tick tock ya don't stop.

nail on the head with the color me bad reference.