October 29, 2009

Costumary: A Retrospective

When I promised a special Halloween post for every day this week, I was planing on doing this really cool, full-scale costume retrospective of my life. I have all my family's photos from my childhood (supposed to be scanning them all for everyone . . . but have been negligent in my duties). So, I thought it would be pretty cool to check out the costumes I have had throughout the years.

Now, having gone through ALL 14 million of my family's photos, I can go ahead and say my brilliant costume retrospective isn't going to be that great. In fact, it's impossible. Apparently, my folks didn't think Halloween was the sort of event our family took pictures of.

However, I did find a few of my costumes, and a few of Troubletron's (in the 20 pictures I have of his childhood).

Let's start with my first Halloween. That would be October 31, 1979. I am two months old. My brother Dave got to be a Santa Claus. And, let's see . . . what did they dress me as . . .
A baby. I was a nothing for Halloween.

We're not off to a good start.

Ok, let's skip ahead 4 years. David was a Superman. Seth was a clown. And, what was I?
A bride. A very sad little bride.

I don't have the photos to prove it, but I know I was a bride with a different dress later in elementary school years for at least two OTHER Halloweens. I think this was due to my Mormon upbringing. Or maybe it was just my desire to wear a big, pretty dress. It's interesting that, in real life, I went the elopement route. I guess I had worn enough wedding dresses.

Skipping ahead again. This is my 10th Halloween (October 1989). That's me second from the left.
I was a fairy. And, I'm pretty sure this wasn't my first/only fairy year. Seth is a pretty good Dracula in this pic, and David is in the back row as a hobo. I think that's Mary Kate Olsen on the front.

Meanwhile, just one state away, Troubletron was dressing as the Joker before anyone had ever heard of Heath Ledger.
Now, we're going to do some more skipping. It's like junior high and high school didn't even happen.

Teenbot made a very cute mouse in one of her baby years. We're not going to get any more specific than that from Troubletron's memory (I like Troubletron's very neatly parted hair).
Teenbot was a Hershey's kiss one year. Maybe age 3?
Littletron leans toward superhero costumes. He did Batman as a youngster (an interesting opposite to Troubletron's Joker).
College time. Ok, so I definitely have lots of pictures from my Halloweens in college, right?

You'd think.

All I have is this one, where I'm some kind of evil witch who might stick her tongue out at you.
Some older readers/friends might remember that two years ago, I was a very fetching Little Bo Peep.
I do NOT look good in blonde.

Finally, last year, Troubletron and I were Peter Pan and Tinkerbell.
That date marked the first time I was able to talk Troubletron into wearing tights.

Ok, so, those were the only Halloweens I could find photos of. But, I did find some other pictures from our pasts in which we LOOKED like we were in costume for Halloween. Yeah, I gathered them for you. Check out today's BONUS POST below!

4 Robot Reactions:

JakieWakie said...

I remember our last Halloween before moving to Utah, you were a bag of jelly beans: you wore a dry cleaning bag full of balloons, basically. I remember riding in our Caravan to a party or something, and you were very, very uncomfortable riding in the car with a bunch of balloons surrounding your torso.

Shelly! said...

I do believe the little girl in front is dressed as Troll doll.

And do tell, how many other times has Troubletron manned up enough for tights?!?!

Shons said...

This post is probably one of my favorite posts so far. We will ignore the fact that I look horrendous as a pirate.

I pretty much melted seeing teenbot and littletron dressed up.

Rohantron said...

Why exactly were Superman, the Bride, and the Clown wearing masks? You should have just moved TroubleTron up to the first section, and told people he actually went as "Color Me Badd" for Halloween. I would have believed it.