October 21, 2009

Haunted Houses? Well HOT DOG!

Last weekend, Troubletron, the kids, and I house-sat for my uncle's family. While in their house, we made ourselves quite at home.
Maybe a little TOO "at home."

I have some video of the kids' favorite activity during house-sitting, but I'm having some conversion issues. So, that will wait. But, I'm really looking forward to sharing with you one of our activities from the weekend (which didn't really have anything to do with house-sitting at all, but we did it while at their house).

We gathered up all the Halloween candies, sprinkly treats, and icing we could find . . .
. . . and arranged the family around the table to make HAUNTED GINGERBREAD HOUSES!
Yes. It WAS awesome, just as you would imagine.

I'll show you how we did. Feel free to click to enlarge any picture for better detail!

Littletron was a skeptic, going into the activity. Even though he "hates making gingewbwead houses" and "finks this is dumb," he had an excellent time and really expressed some creativity.
Looking closely, you can see that his house is uniquely shaped, and has an extensive "yard scene" of death. I'm assured that each family member is represented by a be-headed gummi bear somewhere in the scene. And, family togetherness is what this activity was about. Success!
Littletron explained that his house was definitely the scariest because it has one way in . . . and NO ways out! Bwahahaha. Also, what looks in the picture like some kind of rice krispy treat boat with skewered gummi bears is ACTUALLY a monster egg in the process of hatching. So, that's pretty scary too.

Teenbot was more excited about the activity from the get-go.
She did some excellent stucco-ing work with her icing.
And, of course, we all loved her tree, modeled after the Poltergeist tree that eats the little boy right out of his bedroom window. Scary.

Troubletron seemed excited about the activity, but may have only done so to support me and my ideas for family fun. Nonetheless, he fully engaged in the activity.
Troubletron's house featured some upside-down crosses, invoking the power of Satan. He also made a wall-o-spikes that I really enjoyed.
I particularly enjoyed his gummi-head on a skewer, warning all visitors of the danger of entering. Very scary.

And, you know I made one too.
My scary house features a skull sidewalk, a bone wall, and a mindless monster with orange dandruff that could eat you at any time.
If anyone wants to try this at home and needs some Skull and Bones candy, Troubletron and I have about 12 lbs of it, so we'd be happy to donate some to your activity.

Whose do you like best? Or, what features did you like best? What features would you have included, had you been there for the fun?

7 Robot Reactions:

JakieWakie said...

This is a brilliant idea. I'm very impressed.

k a t y said...

December is so packed with Christmas activities, this is brilliant to do during October!

Jana said...

What an awesome idea! Stepmother of the year award!!

Sparklebot said...

I wish I could take credit for the idea. I actually saw it in a Halloween food idea magazine while standing in line at the grocery store. They had a very fancy one. As soon as I read it, I was mad at myself for never thinking of it before.

Also, I wish I could say I planned and executed this activity because I wanted my children to have a good time. Nope. I wanted to do this so bad. I just used them as an excuse.

Poor Little Critter on the Road said...

The actual truth is that the makers of Peeps pioneered this concept years ago when they started dyeing and shaping the erstwhile Easter candy for other holidays. The rest is just the inevitable afterglow. Ahhh the Peeps.

Kelly O. said...

You're the funnest mom ever. My favorite thing is the scary walkway of skulls and bones followed by 2 perfectly pleasant and welcoming doorstep pumpkins! But I must say Troubletron's is by far the scariest in a very sick-scary way.

Side of Jeffrey said...

I can't respect you enough for making Halloween such an important part of your life and your kids' lives. It is something that too many people just don't put enough energy into. You are not those lame people.