October 22, 2009

My List of Talents by a Nine Year-Old

For a reason I cannot remember, last weekend, Littletron (age 9) began listing things he thinks I am good at.

His list:

(long pause)
(another long pause)

Troubletron unhelpfully suggested "cleaning." He got hit in the arm. Then he added "punching."

Teenbot stepped in here with the reminder that I am a lawyer, so maybe I'm good at being smart.

Note to self: set a better example of equality for the men in my home by making them do more of the cooking, baking, and cleaning.

2 Robot Reactions:

Shons said...

Teenbot is correct. You are good at being smart. You are also good at being a friend, tall, and badass mc.

Sparklebot said...

Thanks Shons. Don't forget mathlete.