October 28, 2009

Monster Bash

Last Sunday, Troubletron and I spent the day spookifying our apartment, setting the table . . .
and preparing a fierce musical playlist for . . .
. . . a super fun Halloween cookie-decorating party! We started the night with some gruel (potato soup) (not pictured), and quickly moved on to the fun.

Troubletron considers his blank cookie canvas.
Shonsbot creates her hairy eyeball masterpiece.
This event was Rohantron's first time decorating cookies. Which, obviously, blows my mind.
Idiocorb encounters each cookie with reverence.
I took it slow, pausing frequently to sip the warm, cinnamony apple cider.
The night was not without casualty. One, specific casualty comes to mind.
I'm so sorry Idiocorb. I really am. I must learn to scoop icing OVER THE TABLE.

Yes that is a tiny plastic spider by his toe.

He didn't let this shoe tragedy dampen his spirits.
Troubletron just stirred up a bunch of trouble, as we should have expected.
There was so much creativity.
(Staked through the heart)
(Indian Flag, tender heart, and beginning haunted house)
(Donkey, gay pride, and DC flag cookie)
(Some people were very much about "representing")

I asked everyone to pose with the cookie they were most proud of creating.

Some people took credit for other people's work.
Shonsbot picked her haunted house cookie.
Rohantron picked a cookie that fell apart. Disappointment face.
Everybody already knows that Idiocorb is an O.G. So, he didn't need a cookie reminder. But, it didn't hurt.
I picked my witch. Troubletron later informed me that my spiderweb cookie was way better and involved more technical skill.
The night was rounded off with a rousing game of "the 'boo" (aka Taboo).
Tune in for more Halloween fun and adventures tomorrow!

4 Robot Reactions:

Shonsbot said...

We had so much fun. And I must say I am impressed with troubletron's boo skills. The gruel was yummy too!

Side of Jeffrey said...

I just made Caitlin watch the "redrum" scene from The Shining with me on Sunday night! It is so important to human horror movie history, and the world.

Our cookie making will take place on Friday night in full traditional Mulcock halloween cookie style.

Sparklebot said...

Shons: we were glad to have you over, and we were also glad to debut Rohantron on the blog.

SoJ: Will she not watch the whole movie? Rated R? Just fast forward the tub scene and it's barely a PG13. I look forward to seeing your cookies!

Rohantron said...

Yes! My first appearance on the blog. Thanks for having us over, Smash. I had a great time. It was quite impressive how literally everything in the apartment and all our activities were tied into Halloween. Except for maybe Taboo, although I suppose we did call that "the Boo".