October 2, 2009


0: Ideas I have for Halloween costumes

1: Cell phones I've had this year.

2: Weeks until I find out about the bar exam.

3: Times I filled up my Dyson while vacuuming a 8.5' by 5 ' rug from my old house that's been rolled up for months. Gross.

4: Cell phones Teenbot has gone through this year.

5: Times I cut myself this week doing normal, cooking/sewing activities.

6: Twin babies (3 sets of 2) in my dream this morning that dream-me considered baby-napping. Don't ask where that came from.

7: Cell phones our family has gone through this year. (There was an incident with the washing machine . . .)

8: Time this morning that Marizpan woke me up by throwing her "Birdie Banana" treat around her cage.

8:01: Time Marzipan almost died

9: Shows we DVR on Thursday night--because all good TV happens at the same time.

10: People who read this blog.

3 Robot Reactions:

JakieWakie said...

9 shows in Thursday?

1-The Office
2-30 Rock

I'm stumped.

Speaking of TV, have you seen Glee? It's like what High School Musical would have been if it had been written by the Arrested Development writers. I just watched the pilot last night on Hulu, and I was way impressed.

Sparklebot said...

Jakie: You need to broaden your viewing. Thursday nights have Community. They have Parks & Rec. They have the shows you mentioned. There's Weekend Update. There's It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Project Runway. Models of the Runway. I'm forgetting something. But, there are MILLIONS of shows on Thursday.

I have seen Glee. I enjoy it.

jess said...

11. count me into the mix yo... i'm a follower.