October 5, 2009

Pack-it up Pack-it in

Last weekend, Troubletron and I packed up the kids, packed in the cooler, and headed to DC for a day of fun at the craft fair! Since kids aren't known to get too excited for a craft fair (even though they've never been to one), we bribed them with the promise of a visit to the Smithsonian of their choice after the fair, if they were good.

We made it to Adams Morgan for Crafty Bastards a little later than we'd hoped, and the aisles of sellers were packed. Consequently, I spent all my time making sure the two children were always within my sight, rather than trying to get pictures of some of the cool and interesting wares we came across. Check out the vendor gallery link on THIS SITE to see what sorts of things were being sold.

After Littletron couldn't stand to see another booth, we headed back up 18th street toward the car, but stopped to take some photos by some timely graffiti.
There used to be "Vote Obama" and "Hope" items on this wall. Now, it's all about Health care reform and peace in the White House.
Only, someone tagged over the White House.
Teenbot liked the DC flag-inspired stars.

I liked it all. But, where did my left shoe go? I swear I was wearing one.
We walked from Adams Morgan to Meridian Hill/Malcom X Park to eat lunch and rest.
Family picnic time was more fun that we could have planned for. This family is WEIRD.

Here, Troubletron finishes up his cheddar and dijon mustard sandwich. That's all he likes.
I enjoyed a deli chicken, swiss, pickle, lettuce, and mayo sandwich. Normal person. Also, I'm trying to avoid an up-the-skirt shot on camera, and am modeling the free Crafty Bastards tote.
Teenbot made a turkey and chips sandwich (yes, chips ON the sandwich). And, she's obsessed with this pose right now, in case you hadn't noticed.
Littletron just wanted jelly on his sandwich. Just jelly. And, I've never seen a kid crush as many yogurt cups as this kid can.
So, we had a lovely family picnic.
I even sneaked some fruit into the mix.
Then, I enlisted Troubletron, putting our new free tote to use, to collect some acorns for me for some fall-inspired decorating.
You can't have too many transparent glass vases filled with acorns in your house during fall, in my opinion.

The kids played some sports on the grass.
Teenbot is still getting the hang of this particular sport.
Grown-ups took a nap on the grass.
Then we drove to the National Mall to check out the American History museum. We had to park over near L'Enfant Plaza. The kids never pass up an opportunity to pose.
I would not try that at home if you are over 25. I'm looking out for you.

Littletron does his best Atlas impersonation.
Not bad.

In the museum, Troubletron met a childhood hero.
And, so did it.
What did I tell you about kids and posing?
And, to follow up on my Julie and Julia post, we of course visited the Julia Child kitchen.
Littletron kept saying "what's this from?"
And, Teenbot kept responding "That movie Julie and Julia." No matter how many times I explained that it's not "from" that movie--that the movie was about a woman who owned this kitchen--it didn't sink in.
Bon Appetit to you all.

We headed home around 5 pm, napped, made dinner, and then made the kids watch horror movies to celebrate October. We're patting ourselves on the back for our awesome parenting skills right now.

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Side of Jeffrey said...

I am most proud of your introduction to horror culture. Watching Nightmare on Elm Street 2 at age 6 was one of those changing moments that helped me grow into the amazing person that I am today.

Rohan said...

Michelangelo looks like he had Meth on his pizza. Although I would guess that would fit in with some of the toppings on those sandwiches. Looks like a great trip though!

Shons said...

I appreciate your shout out to House of Pain. Rohan and I took a trip to Julia's kitchen but we took some fun pics with Kermit instead