October 8, 2009

Sparklebot Starts an Etsy Shop

For those of you who were eyeing Troubletron's homemade Skull cap from our previous post, I have good news for you.

I opened an Etsy store last night (Etsy is an online forum for makers of hand-made goods to hock their wares) where you will soon be able to purchase all the Sparklebot-made items you have grown to love!

My store's name is Shear Tyrants. Here's the logo I made:
I think it's pretty ok. There's a longer, pinker version for the banner on the actual store.

I don't have any items listed yet, but I will soon. The store link is: http://sheartyrants.etsy.com

For those of you with your own blogs, I would be honored if you'd link it--maybe even put up the logo picture and link it? That would be amazing. No pressure though.

Any thoughts on things you know I make that you'd buy? OR things you'd want to buy, if only I made them? Comments on my name/logo?

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Shackles2Garlands said...

I'll be sure to post on my Facebook! :- )

I would like a pair of longish gloves (maybe a couple inches above the wrist) that I am able to detach the finger part so I have the option to be fingerless (I apologize if this sounds confusing). A string or something to keep the finger part attached would be nice, otherwise I'll definitely loose it.

With the finger part removed, the glove would still cover to the second knuckle (leaving the area between the second knuckle and the last knuckle, just below the fingernail, exposed. And obviously the thumb would be exposed from it's last knuckle to finger tip).

I have needed a pair of gloves like these for a while, but they are rare and usually expensive (i.e. $60). If I can get away with something more reasonable (i.e. say $30 to $40 range?), that would be awesome.

Of course, I don't knit, so I can honestly say I do not know what is fair. But the $60 gloves are usually mass manufactured in China, so I know there is a huge mark-up. If I am going to drop $60 on a pair of gloves, I'd rather they be made special for me and the money going to someone I feel does good work. I do this while working at Renaissance Faires all the time :- )

And I apologize for being so long winded.

Side of Jeffrey said...

I've always been a fan of the ipod covers. Precious Ipod covers that get lost sometimes on the subway. Grr.

mexicarol said...

I LOVE your Christmas stockings! I hit you up once for those with no luck, but I would buy those fo sho'!