November 3, 2009

Now, I ain't sayin' he a Golddigger . . .

Last weekend, Teenbot, not having any other tweens around to play with, trapped Littletron into a game of M.A.S.H. (the favorite fortune-telling game of every 13 year old girl). She tortured him by picking the girls he may-or-may not marry and may-or-may not have 1, 4, 17, or 100 kids with, but she actually asked him for his input on what his future occupation may be.

Teenbot: Ok, list 4 occupations.

Littletron: Hmm.

Teenbot: come on.

Littletron: (2 minutes of deep thought) Pwesident. Ummmmm. Senatow. Ummmm. Hmmmmm. Olympics. Hmmmmmm. Golddigger.

Troubletron is sure he means Prospector. But, being a golddigger sounds better than gold prospecting to me.

2 Robot Reactions:

Beth said...

I always wanted to be a golddigger, I just married the wrong person.

jess said...

love it!