November 19, 2009

Thankfulness Turkeys

Just so that everyone knows that I'm not a total Thanksgiving Scrooge (just a partial one), I thought I'd post pictures of the Thankfulness Turkeys our family made last weekend (yes, we ripped out a page from the book of Mulcock--I expect their turkeys will be displayed on the Side of Mulcock blog any day now) (The truth is, I had to steal their Thanksgiving family activity because I couldn't think of any on my own)(And, the other truth is that I wasn't trying very hard because all my efforts were focused on Christmas, like they should be).


So, for those of you who don't know the Mulcocks, they have this family tradition in which each family member creates a turkey, decorated to her personal taste, and adorned with multi-colored feathers, each of which represents something that person is thankful for.

Here is what our family made. The blurred out feathers had names of family members. I probably would have let that slide since pictures with names are not googleable, but I was recently reminded that there are lots of people on the internet that hate me--which I kind of like. It makes me feel important. But, nonetheless, makes me remove my actual name from the blog.

Troubletron's turkey is wearing a punk-style pink and blue sweater, a star-clad belt, some kind of fur pants, deer feet, and a bonnet. I'm not sure what that says about my husband.

In case you can't read the feathers, Troubletron is thankful for: Marzipan (our bird), Me, each kid, naps, Wayne Rooney (from Manchester United), Buffy, the Bar, and "other Family Type people."

Next up, is my turkey:
My turkey is purple with a pink choker, black polka-dot cami with blue lace, a pink and blue lace belt, a white polka dot diaper, and pink pumps.

My feathers say: Women's Rights, Heat/AC, Internet, Cheese, Moms, Dads, Nephews, Nieces, Bros, Sises, and In-Laws, Troubletron, Kids, Ibuprofen, and Butter.

Yeah, two of my feathers were dedicated to dairy products. So what?

Teenbot's Turkey:
Teenbot's turkey is either WEARING a pumpkin pie, or recently swallowed one whole and we're getting some kind of cartoon x-ray view. I asked her which. She didn't know.

Teenbot's feathers: Thanksgiving!, Family, Yogurt (the name of her new kitten), friends, her birthday, Spiderman, MySpace, Tye-die, and Teal.

Why are there either semi-colons or little "i"s after each item? I don't know. Troubletron and I have been wondering that for about 4 days now. Also, I have no idea why she is thankful for Spiderman, other than that she was wearing one of Littletron's Spiderman shirts WHILE we were doing this activity. Otherwise, I've never seen any Spidey interest from Teenbot.

And, finally, Littletron's turkey.

Except, I want to preface Littletron's turkey by mentioning that Littletron started the afternoon proclaiming that he wasn't thankful for anything. When prodded, he confirmed that he IS NOT thankful for his mom or dad, for his house, or for food, or for ANYTHING. Then, he told me to stop talking to him.

But, eventually, he settled down and made this:
Littletron's turkey is some kind of heavily decorated military turkey, with a star-shaped hole in his neck. Hard-core.

Littletron's feathers: Virginia, Earth, C. Combus (that's Christopher Columbus), bed, his birthday, House, Legos, Food, Family, Yogurt (again, the cat), and Friends.

So, see? I'm not totally anti-Thanksgiving. I just think the holiday should come about two weeks earlier so we can move on to the Christmas season.

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Jillian said...

You could just hang your turkey's from the Christmas tree and call it a Thankfulness tree (or some such nonsense). That'd probably get both groups of holiday aficionados off your back.

Side of Jeffrey said...

I'm so glad you have taken on the thanksgiving turkeys. They are awesome. Littletron's was significantly awesome. I also like the generational element of Teenbot liking MySpace and not FB. I also like that she used other media like magazines. Caitlin loves this tactic.

Sparklebot said...

Jillian: That is no way to treat a Christmas tree!

Side of Jeffrey: The thing is, she likes facebook too. So, I wondered why she only chose one.

Ginna said...

I like the stolen turkey idea. I think I may just steal it from you. I'm curious as to what the others in my household would put on the feathers. And plus they're cute. Slightly weird, but very cute.

Mexicarol said...

For the record, I too am stealing Mulcock's idea--so don't be surprised when you see it posted on my blog. See what you started, Mulcock? And I admit, I am a follower--also sucking at the whole coming up with Thanksgiving traditions. So I'll let someone else do all the work and I will take all the glory!

jess said...

i'm glad you're not a thanksgiving grinch/scrooge... i think i might copy the idea as well! thanks mulcocks!

Pamsky said...

I had no idea there was a Book of Mulcock. I just thought we did a bunch of ridiculous stuff. I love the military turkey decorated with stars. It's a patriotic, nationalistic type of bird. I love it.

Rori said...

why do people hate you? You're funny and pretty. Everyone loves a redhead! Haters=dislike