November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Recap

I hope you all had lovely Thanksgivings filled with families, friends, and/or good food.

Troubletron and I enjoyed a quiet dinner, home alone together. In fact, the only picture I have from the entire weekend is aerial shot of our Thanksgiving plates. Looks kind of gross now. But, it was delicious at the time.

We dined alone, but enjoyed desserts with members of both of our extended families, and the kids, so, we fulfilled all our Thanksgiving needs.

From the "How do you feel about Thanksgiving" poll we had up on the blog last week, I see that really only half of you care one bit about Thanksgiving, while the other half are either indifferent or hate it. But, whether you hate it or love it, it's done, and it's time for Winter Holiday extravaganzas!

I can't wait to start telling you all about the Christmas fun we've been having/planning to have. And, we'll be having Christmas-themed polls every week! So, start voting!

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R. Siren said...

It's clearly not that unappetizing of a photo, as it’s making me wish I had some Thanksgiving leftovers of my own.

Shons said...

Did you have ham because Trouble Tron does not like turkey? And do I spy a mountain dew in the corner?

I'm glad you had a good thanksgiving. As you know its my fav holiday. But don't worry, I will still participate in the Christmas polls.

Jana said...

Although I do realize your food was likely delicious, it does kinda look gross. It reminds me of a nursing home.

Sparklebot said...

R.Siren: Yeah, I wish we had more.

Shons: yep. Troubletron is a turkey-hater. Also, I don't know how to cook a turkey--and it seems really hard.

Jana: I think it's my super dark gravy that gives the resemblance to nursing home food. I assure you that everything pictured was quite delish.

Side of Jeffrey said...

We snuck into a free meal at the MBA school here and ate all their goods. Suckas! Thanksgiving = $0!

Anonymous said...

Why is Side of Jeffrey always talking about breaking the rules? Don't bother. I know him, so I know the answer.

Sparklebot: I looked at Sew Apropos on Etsy, since you have it featured on your blog. Do you know this artist? She (or he?) makes great stuff. Something tells me that Side of Jeffrey already stolen some of the ideas.