December 15, 2009

Days of Christmas: Day 15: My Precious (by Troubletron!)

I don't hate the holiday season.
However, I am not a super huge fan of all the hype that surrounds this time of year. Nor do I like all the harsh feelings dealt to the millions of people in the world that are forced to have one religion (Christianity) placed so far in front of their own. Also....Santa Claus seems very shady to me (I am uncomfortable with the kid-touching and breaking-and-entering involved). maybe I do hate the holiday season. Well, whether I hated it before or no--I do now! Let me explain.

I have a son, Littletron. He is a sweet, kind, loving little boy. He totally caught the holiday spirit and decided to give me and Sparklebot our gifts early. It was so sweet and my little Grinch heart grew a little. It grew even more when I opened it and saw that it was a #1 DAD flashing key chain! I've always wanted one of those. I almost got teary eyed (if not for the unusual amount of testosterone in my manly system I would have).Then it was Sparklebot's turn. I was thinking to myself "what a good boy I've raised! He got me a great gift and even got a little something for Sparklebot". However, my happiness was cut short when she opened her gift. A GOLD RING!!!I was/am/will forever be jealous of that darn ring!! PWNED!
So, in summation, Littletron is on lifetime restriction and Sparklebot better sleep with one eye on that ring!! I want it for my own!

5 Robot Reactions:

JakieWakie said...

To make sure she can keep the ring, she'd better never take it off--- not in the shower, not while washing her hands, never. Though I can't think of any reason why should we want to take it off.

Shons said...

This post was awesome troubletron. You have raised a smart little boy. You always have to buy girls the better gift!

Sparklebot said...

My favorite part was that mine was addressed:

To: Mom
Form: Littletron

The "mom" part warmed my heart. The "form" part confirmed that it was definitely written by Littletron.

Jana said...

I love that children always write "from" as "form." Beautiful gifts!

Shackles2Garlands said...

Really, I think the gold ring would look much better on Sparklebot, and she would look a little silly carrying a #1 Dad! keychain (not one to judge, but you know, sometimes there is a bit of the obvious ;- )

Very sweet of him to get you both something nice!