December 23, 2009

Days of Christmas: Day 23 Bonus 1

Readers chose Hermey, the elf who wants to be a dentist . . .

. . . over Will Ferrell's "Buddy the elf" as the best misfit elf in polls earlier this week (final count 8:4).

Last week, readers decided they preferred white lights to color lights around Christmastime. I wasn't particularly happy with these results, but I will accept your preferences.

I have a friend who is militant about Christmas lights. She declares that color lights of any kind are "white trashy"--and that white lights are the only classy way to show Christmas spirit. Clearly, my natural response to this stance is to ONLY have color lights.

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3 Robot Reactions:

Anonymous said...

I am guessing this militant friend has not yet discovered LED Christmas lights! Happy Festivus!

Charlotte said...

I much prefer colored lights myself. They are NOT white trashy! White lights are boring.

NG said...

I used to date a guy who insisted that lights of any kind are trashy - that the only appropriate decorating for Christmas is a single candle in each window of the house. And when people "from the West" move into his neighborhood and put up colored lights, the rest of the neighbors have to get together to tell those new people that that kind of thing "just isn't done here in Virginia." He turned out to be a jerk in many ways. This really should have tipped me off to that fact.