December 23, 2009

Days of Christmas: Day 23

It finally happened.

After you all voted a few weeks ago that Egg Nog is Grrrrrreat!, Troubletron was bound by a secret pact we had. He had to taste it.

I wanted him to like it, though. I really did. So, I tried to make it as painless for him as possible. I picked up some "vanilla" egg nog at the store (since "vanilla" is his favorite flavor).
But, I already knew how he would react. He's very predictable.

I made him inspect the egg nog (I think we can see his negative attitude already).
And, pour it (look of disdain already forming on his pre-judgmental face).
He then dove in for his first rush of thick, creamy deliciousness.
And . . .
. . . the verdict was . . .
. . .

He didn't like it. Shocking.

I didn't want the rest of that tiny glass of nog to go to waste though.

Two more days!

2 Robot Reactions:

NG said...

You married The Grinch. Egg nog is clearly awesome.

Cathy said...

I can't stand egg nog either. However, my mother-in-law found egg nog lite at Costco, tastes the same but not so thick. I actually like this nog. Maybe if you can get him to try in again you could try that.