January 21, 2010

Things you've been asking about

Here are the answers to a few things you've been wanting to know (or have been asking about).

1) A "professionalism" conference, for lawyers, is a large event in which older lawyers tell young lawyers to be nice to each other.

First, they tell you to be nice to each other by putting you all in one room, sitting too close to each other, and have speaker after speaker drive home the same message: be nice.

Then, they break into smaller groups where we have to do cutesy introductions ("introduce your neighbor and tell us what her favorite job from her past was!") followed by hypothetical lawyer situations about whether or not to be nice.

Then lunch.

Then a judge speaks to remind us that we have families--so be nice to them too.

More break-out groups follow with more cutesy intros (what's your name and your favorite movie?) and more niceness hypotheticals.

A simple "you get more flies with honey than with vinegar" would have sufficed.

2) The Redskins Room is real.  And, it's SERIOUS business.

I'm addressing this topic because many of you asked, in person, about the Washington Redskins Room that was featured on our photo blog a few weeks ago.

Troubletron's family, immediate and extended, are die-hard Washington Redskins fans.  Over the years, one of his uncles has accumulated an impressive collection of Redskins memorabilia.  All of this merchandise is displayed in The Redskins Room.

It starts in the hallway.

And erupts into this large basement family room.

Ceiling.  Walls.  Carpet.  It's all covered.

Don't try to give Troubletron's uncle anything Redskins-related, because he already has it.

It's impressive, even for a non-sports-fan like me.

I didn't even get any pictures of the bathroom.

3) Several of you have wanted to know who has been doing my new banners and buttons.

This is an easy one to answer.

ME.  Sparklebot.

I have been making all our lovely new banners and buttons.


5 Robot Reactions:

Steve said...

Sparklebot - Did we meet when you were in the Singles Ward 2 about 5 years ago? I hung with like MJ, Tessa Hafen, and a few other people I don't remember? You look very familiar. Also, your apartment looks a lot like ours tha we had in Crystal City!

Sparklebot said...


I have never been in Singles Ward 2. About 5 years ago, I was in the Langley ward. I do know Tessa Hafen though, because she worked for Sen. Reid--and I had lots of dealings with his office and family.

The only time I ever went to a Crystal City apartment was to visit my friend Rob Chatterton who was living there for a semester.

We don't live in Crystal City--but I think all high rise apartment buildings look alike inside.

I can't really see a good pic of your face to see if I recognize you. Sorry Steve.

Steve said...

No problem. Maybe we met, maybe not. I'm super good about remembering a face, but maybe at best, it would have been like 5 years ago when I was last in the Colonial 2nd Ward, so no worries since I must be wrong here. Enjoying the blog though! Oh, there are more pics of me on my blog, if you are bored, ha.

JakieWakie said...

I don't get why a family in Virginia are such big fans of a team from Washington. Why not like a team a bit closer to your own state, like maybe a team in North Carolina, Tennessee, or Maryland? Those states all have football teams, I'm pretty sure.

Sparklebot said...

Haha. Jakie: the "Washington" Redskins are a Washington DC team!